Introducing RCKitTwo for Robocoin Bitcoin ATMs

Comes with a large, vertically mounted touch-screen that can be easily retrofitted into your existing Robocoin machines.

The new RCKitTwo runs the same hardware as our BATMFour series ATM, the vertically mounted touch screen looks great and is a real improvement over the original Robocoin screen. In addition, the new computer gives the snappy performance one can expect from a modern Bitcoin ATM.

The primary reason for RCKitTwo is that the original Robocoin kit (RCKit) is nearing end-of-life. It is running on an older, slower computer and Android version compared to the rest of the BATM platform and really needed a refresh to keep it relevant.

We worked very hard to keep prices for the RCKitTwo as competitive as possible to allow owners to keep expenses low and easily upgrade all their Robocoin machines. RCKitTwo will retail for 1500 USD but, for a limited time, existing RCKit1 owners can upgrade their Robocoin machines for only 500 USD. That’s a 1000 USD savings per Robocoin ATM!

If you are an owner of an existing Robocoin machine, why not order an RCKitTwo and test it? You can switch back any time should you not like it but we are convinced you’ll want to upgrade all of your machines. Just visit the RCKitTwo product page for more information and to order.