Bitcoin ATM Upgrades

Better than the original. This is what all our customers tell us the very first day they start operating their Robocoin machine upgraded with our Robocoin conversion kit.


Run the best-rated BATM platform on your Robocoin ATM that has a rich feature set, the widest selection of cryptocurrencies compared to…


Compact size and High Security

BATMTwo’s compact size gives you flexibility in machine placement. This ATM model is designed to be securely mounted on a wall or optional stand.

Highly Affordable

Are you just starting your Bitcoin ATM business? You will have a hard time finding an ATM with such a competitive price and feature set. BATMTwo is the best choice to start and allows you to scale your business fast. It is no coincidence that some of our customers have 10+ machines.

Fast Return on Investment

BATMTwo delivers the best price / performance ratio on the ATM market allowing you to recoup your initial investment within half a year!