ATM operators need 24/7 availability for uninterrupted service and low maintenance costs.
NOTE: To get notified quickly about new releases and other important information join our 
GENERAL BYTES Telegram channel
Version 20210316:
Terminal: RCKit support is completely removed in this release. Please upgrade your hardware to RCKit2 if needed.
New Features:
Server: Added support for shared terminal settings.
Server: Display hot wallet balances from admin.
Server: Added support for Ethereum Classic + Coinbase hot wallet support.
Server/Terminal: Added support for BAM fiat currency.
Terminal: Improved validation message on collect name screen.
Server: Extensions now use maven central instead of jcenter.
Server: Added admin database query optimizations.
Bug Fixes:
BATM3/4/RCKit2: On sell screen were displayed multiple +1000 buttons in Kotlin UI.
BATM3/4/RCKit2: In new Kotlin UI dispensed banknotes were not correctly reported to server.
Server: Fixed performance issue on terminal transaction page.
Server: Fixed terminal upgrading via admin when no version is specified.
Terminal: Icon of cryptocurrency was crashing application when icon image was missing in extension.
Server: Fixed database migration exception in admin.
Server: Fixed possible issue with send to many.
Server: Fixed missing DOGE on Bitpanda's extension.
BATM3/4: Fixed crash when scanning redeem ticket.
BATM3/4: Fixed NFC card dispensing application crash when usb dongle is connected.
Server: Fixed acceptor update button in admin.
Server: Fixed 500 error when clicking on invite link in admin.
Server: Fixed fiat to fiat conversion for billing - fix back ported also to 20210301 and 20210303
Server: Removed "(AML Type 10)" from "Watchlist Scan Ban" notification name.
Server: Buttons didn't have correct px height.
Terminal: Fixed spacing between buttons in sending receipt.
Terminal: Terminal didn't attempt to rescan same address when call on server failed in legacy UI.
Version 20210301:
Terminal: New UI is now a new default. Should look same as old UI but respond faster.
If you want to use old UI then enter "legacy" without quotes into special configuration custom string of a terminal.
New Features:
Server: Added sending of receipts from list of transactions.
Server/Terminal: Added support for remotely upgrading bill acceptor's firmware.
Server: Added support for USDT ERC20 token.
Server: Disengaging alarm via PIN has new permission.
Server: Better logging of obtaining deposit address from Coinmate.
Server: Discount calculation is better explained in admin and in logs.
Server: Admin is now logging also duration of a call.
Server: CryptX wallet now supports priority and USDT.
Server: Added ability to configure master's database connection pool size.
Server: Optimized database query for finding identity by phone number.
BATM2: Scam disclaimer text now uses more space on terminal.
Terminal: Send receipt button is hidden when always send is turned on.
Terminal: It should be now possible to perform cash collection when terminal is marked as inactive
or outside of opening hours.
Terminal: Updated EN and DE translations.
Terminal: Decreased inactivity timeout on insert money screen from 10 to 8 minutes to avoid server auto-executions in same moment.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed possible crash when ATM had one fiat currency and only one AML tier.
Server: Fixed limits checking when auto-executing buy transaction on server. Token wasn't present.
Server: List of terminals could produce NPE in admin.
Server: Fixed identity exporting via batm-manage for organizations with space in name.
Server: Log incorrect limits instead of crashing.
Server: Identity didn't contain SSN information in extensions.
Terminal: OK button was displayed instead of CANCEL on "No wallet" screen.
Terminal: Fixed various crashes reported by telemetry.
Terminal: Fixed scroll effect on choose language screen.
Terminal: Added self recovery of usb dongles via serial reset line.
Terminal: Fixed private administration on BATM4.
Version 20210210:
New Features:
Server: Added occupation as a identity field.
Server/Terminal: Added more options to send receipt.
Server: Added import/export of identities via batm-manage
Server: Added possibility to limit number of banknotes in fiat settings.
Server: Locations have now notes.
Server: Added RBF support for server generated transactions.
Server: SSN displaying is now obscured in CAS.
Server: Reduced default time range for CAS Analytics.
Server: DOGE/EUR, BTC/GBP, XRP/CHF support for Bitpanda.
Server: BitGo now supports parameter defining number of blocks
Bug Fixes:
Server: Binance withdraw fee fix.
Server: Tunnel fingerprints are now stored in database.
Server: Fixed Kraken CHF and AUD support.
Server: Fixed displaying of watchlist match.
Server: Identity validation is now possible via extension.
Terminal: PIN was checked on main thread.
Terminal: Ripple (XRP) Limit per day for address not working
Version 20210201:
New Features:
Server: Added support for USDT to be used as purchase currency.
Server: Added support for Poloniex exchange.
Server: Added filtering of transactions.
Server: Added ability set birth date via extensions.
Bug Fixes:
Server: The cash limit per day and address didn't not work for ETH transactions.
Server: When re-sending customer coins in 72h do not purchase coins again if such strategy is set.
Server: ITransactionBuyInfo didn't contain cash currency, crypto amount and crypto currency.
Server: Fixed typos.
Terminal: Terminal was crashing in experimental ui when terminal photo was storing on server while being deactivated.
Terminal: Fixed scroll effect on fiat buttons.
Terminal: Fixed possible crash when language is selected on welcome screen.
BATM3/BATM4: Application could be crashed when setting recycler cashboxes in experimental mode.
BATM3/BATM4: Fixed printing paper wallet performance.
Version 20210128:
Terminal/Server: Limit buttons on terminal screen can have custom texts.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed crashes collected by telemetry.
Terminal: Screensaver had to be pressed twice after terminal restart in experimental UI.
Terminal: Choose fiat currency layout margin between buttons is now fixed.
Terminal: Fixed occasional exception in price chart Screen saver.
Terminal: Fixed crash in on check balance screen in experimental UI.
Terminal: Legacy redeem ticket screen wasn't displayed when face capture was turned on in experimental ui.
Terminal: Enter phone number layout fixed in experimental UI.
Terminal: Redeem ticket UI was missing camera preview in experimental UI.
Terminal: Wrong message was displayed on screen when supply limit was reached.
Server: Database transaction was incorrectly closed when custom data was returned from extension.
Version 20210118:
Terminal/Server: Added support for custom message displayed on the screen after registration information are submitted.
Server: Added ability to set a minimum transaction amount in order to qualify for a given discount.
Server: GB API key is required when configuring server via FastTrack wizard.
Server: Terminals in crypto settings, aml settings, fiat settings and notification policies are now displayed behind button.
Server: Identity objects returned via extension now contain also reference to organization.
Server: Server can hold only 10MB of crash reports per registered terminal serial number.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Queue flushing time(duration) is counted not from latest flushing but from first transaction added to queue.
Server: Terminal duplication didn't copy allowvoicecall field.
Server: Fixed transaction saving. Broken in 20210113.
Server: Fixed discount page error when wrong currency is selected.
Server: ITransactionListener.onTransactionUpdated wasn't called on buy transactions when sent from queue.
Server: Fixed DASH RPC calls of estimatesmartfee and signrawtransaction
Terminal: Experimental UI didn't contain send SMS/email receipt buttons.
Terminal: Fixed doubled cryptocurrency icons on welcome screen in experimental UI.
Terminal: Choose fiat currency wasn't displayed in experimental UI when only one cryptocurrency was available.
Version 20210113:
Server: Updated libphonenumber library version containing recently added US area codes.
Server: When scoring is not performed reason should be written into database.
Server: Added notification when somebody tries to scan blacklisted crypto-address.
Server: Discounts page is now searchable and filterable by time.
Server: Discounts page displays discount creation.
Server: Actions on terminal performed remotely such as restart are now logged in terminal's event log.
Server: Unpairing is now possible to perform from server admin interface.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed success screen after timeout on insert money screen in experimental ui.
Terminal: Fixed inactivity timeout in scan qr code scree in experimental UI.
Terminal: Minor experimental UI bug fixes.
Server: Extensions were initialized before database.
Version 20210112:
New Features:
Server: Added HK language
Server: Display time zone on page with list locations.
Server: Watchlists can now also provide list of blacklisted crypto-addresses.
Server: OFAC watchlist now provides also list of blacklisted addresses
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed discount code dialog in experimental ui
Terminal: Fixed experimental ui navigation when only one crypto currency is enabled.
Server: New IL coin logo.
Server: On CryptX exchange BCH is only supported for buy.
Version 20210107:
Server: Sell crypto amount is now configurable.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed ET export of withdraw and cashback transactions.
Server: Updated list of hardcoded blacklisted crypto addresses from OFAC.
Terminal: Experimental version wasn't printing on sell ticket price from server but from terminal screen.
Terminal: Privacy notice formatting on BATM4 in experimental version wasn't correctly displayed.
Terminal: Automatic and manual cash collection tickets didn't contain same fields.

Version 20210104:

Bug Fixes:
Terminal: In experimental UI AML collected data were not properly reset on new customer session.
Terminal: Fixed various NPEs reported by telemetry.
Terminal: Cryptocurrency logos were not correctly aligned in center of the screen in experimental ui.
Terminal: Fixed rate animation in experimental ui when number of currencies changes during animation.
Terminal: Fixed typo in dongle version string.
Server: Fixed naming of thread names of sell callbacks.
Server: Adding note to identity erased filled fields on page.
Server: It was impossible to change state of rejected identity when personal info was missing.
Server: customer name wasn't checked against watchlist when fingerprint was used and name was already in database.

Version 20201213:
Server: Admin service writes heapdump if it runs out of memory to /var/log/batm/
Bug Fixes:
Server: Users with customer role didn't have permission to perform action on Output Queue.
Server: Prevent LastPass password manager to prefill 2FA text field.
Server: Fixed coinbase wallet pagination.
Server: Fixed Morphis list of terminals null pointer exception.
Server: Fixed link to cashcollection from banknote history in admin
Terminal: Unresponsive USB dongle could pause money limit calculation.
Terminal: Collect fingerprint is shown for a second when it should not be displayed.
Terminal: Fixed color of exchange rate in experimental UI.
Version 20201208:
Server: Added FastTrack configuration for fresh installations.
Server: Added ability to force users of an organization to use 2FA. *
Server/Terminal: Colors of terminal UI can be set from server using Skins. *
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed layout of VIP limits in admin.
Server: Transaction scoring result wasn't saved to database for BUY transactions.
Terminal: Marketing Opt-in didn't work with fingerprint.
Terminal: Reworked terminal's exchange rate cache used for displaying rate on screen (not used for calculation)
Terminal: Fixed layout on Privacy notice screen in experimental UI.
Version 20201207:
Server: Selected skin item is highlighted.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed coin ordering on main screen of experimental UI.
Server: Organization page required master to be running.
Version 20201202:
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed missing visual space between TERMS AND CONDITIONS and HELP.
Terminal: Currency logos were not stored in terminals memory - not getting cached. Broken since 20201201.
Terminal: Terminal dispenser configuration read from server. Broken since 20201201.
Terminal: User could press BUY button before crypto amount was updated.
Terminal: USB dongle version is not displayed when dongle is not connected.
Version 20201130:
Terminal/Server: Terminal uses half of previous outgoing traffic in idle state.
Terminal/Server: Terminal downloads configuration from server only when configuration changed.
Server: Server dump now contains also network traffic statistics.
Server: Line breaks in identity notes are now displayed.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Terminal was trying to download configurations even when was marked as inactive on server.
Terminal: Fixed SSN entry title centering
Terminal: Fixed occasional crash when scanning fingerprint.
Version 20201124:
New Features:
Terminal/Server: Added new optional scam disclaimer. See custom strings.*
Server: Added possibility to retry one more time sending coins on failed buy transaction from admin.
Server/Terminal: Added support for collecting Social Security Number(SSN).
Server: SSN can be validated by an extension.
Server: Added possibility to turn off generating vanity addresses for paper wallets.
Server: Added support for AUD and CHF for Kraken.
Server: Added possibility send cashback QR codes via url in SMS.
Server/Terminal: Added possibility to define how many blur scan attempts to allow.
Server: Added GBP and CHF support for BitpandaPro exchange.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed crashes reported by telemetry.
Terminal: Fixed buy auto-execution handling in experimental ui.
Server: Fixed error when location timezone was null in admin.
Server: Fixed Infura timing out when sending ETH or ERC20 tokens.
Version 20201123:
Terminal: Scrolling fixed fee is now displayed also in experimental.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed NPE in EP802 driver.
Terminal: Fixed NPE in Activity casting
Terminal: Fixed door sensor event parsing.
Terminal: Fixed issue when user pressed PRINT quickly multiple times in row.
Terminal: Fixed missing Additional fixed fee in sell screen in legacy UI
Terminal/Server: Fixed marketing opt in custom string name of text and title
Version 20201116:
New Features:
Server: Experimental support for Morphis service API access. More here: *
Server/Terminal: Added support for Marketing Opt-in screen *
Server: Added more methods to extensions for transactions and cash collections lookups.
Server: CSV transaction export now contains also expenses (BTC mining fees that were spent with transaction)
Server/Terminal: Exchange rate on terminal can display also flat fee. To enable it check skins section on server.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed remote recycler float down in video screensaver, plus added more logging.
Terminal: Fixed possible crash when taking selfie photo.
EveryTrade: Transactions now have corrected header and renamed fields to "expense" and "expenseCurrency"
EveryTrade: Server is now exporting all types of transactions via connector.
Version 20201103:
New Features:
Server: Added ability to provide external SMS provider via extensions. *
Server: Added possibility to add identity manually via admin. *
Server: Added possibility to create buy transaction via extensions.
Server: Added possibility to add middle name to identity. *
Server: Added possibility to add mother birth name to identity. *
Server: How did you hear about us choice is now written into labels field in transaction record.
Server: Set default cashbox capacity for the recyclers to 1200.
Server: Added AUD, RUB and GBP support to binance.
Server: Eclair version 0.4.2 is now supported.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed database connection pool leaking for calls from extensions (findAllTerminals etc)
Server: Fixed coinbase account pagination support.
Server: Fixed Infura gas fee calculation.
Server: Renamed bitcoincashd wallet description
Server: Fixed huobi token logo.
Server: EveryTrade API changed to include status and fee currency.
Server: EveryTrade API changed contain feeAmount in BTC.
Server: Cashbox analytics - count totals per each fiat currency
Server: Removed support for no longer existing Binance Jersey.
Server: Select all check box on main terminal homepage showing list of terminals didn't work
Server: Fixed ZPAE address validator.
Server: Fixed USDT address ERC-20 validator.
Version 20201015:
Server/Terminal: Failed transactions can be reported to customer as successful on terminal.
Server: Shared secret hash is no longer required.
Terminal: Added possibility to enter custom registration message on ATM screen.
Server: User is warned in admin when main currency doesn't match cassette currency.
Bug Fixes:
BATM3/4/RCkit2: Fixed dispenser reinitialization.
Terminal: Added possibility to disable qr code scam detection.
BATM3/4: Fixed crash when entering administration in private mode.
Terminal: Changed phrase when collecting selfie photo (customers should not smile on selfies) :(
Server: Transaction hash hasn't been stored in transaction record for transactions sent via queue.
Server: EU Sanction list was reporting false positives for records on sanction lists that had weak
Server: Updated ILCoin logo.
Server: Fixed wallet LTC support
Server: Fixed EveryTrade integration when no records are returned.
Server: Unregistered identities cannot be moved to registered state.
Version 20200922:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Pictures of scanned QR codes are stored on server and accessible via admin.
Server: Identity's VIP limit has possibility to override per crypto address limit
Server: EveryTrade API access now also shows URL for better usability.
Server: Changed icon for inactive terminals attempting to connect.
BATM3/4/RCKit2: Only smaller 20 GBP banknote is now supported by bill dispenser.
Bug Fix:
Server/Terminal: Only better quality fingerprints are accepted by system.
Server: Adding note to identity via extension didn't work properly.
Server: Fixed from label support on
Server: Fixed OutOfMemory error when exporting all terminal transactions to CSV.
Server: Do not save null note by calling IExtensionContext#updateIdentity
Terminal: Fixed banknote acceptance problem reporting.
Server: Database connection string is being updated to contain support for scrolling cursor.
Version 20200916:
Server: Admin service log now contains also accesses to URL.
Server: Added possibility to query identity limits via getIdentityRemainingLimits on ExtensionContext.
Version 20200911:
New Features:
Tripod: Added initial support for turnstile tripod.
Server: Added support for load-testing server.
Terminal: Added experimental(unstable) new UI implementation. To turn it on specify word 'experimental' in special configuration in terminal's custom strings.
Server: Server now uses G1 garbage collector and string deduplication to improve memory consumption and response times.
Terminal: Added support for IXP fiat currency
Bug Fixes:
BATM4/RCKit: Fixed entering administration when private administration mode is enabled.
BATM4: In some cases screen has been incorrectly rotated 90 deg.
Server: Fixed output queue JDBC exception on iteration of result set with Mysql database.
Version 20200831:
Server: hot wallet can have optional withdraw label.
Server: Added support for ILCoin in Coingecko rate source.
Server: User can set in its profile in activity timeout in minutes. Default is 60 minutes.
Server: Added support for withdrawing DAI from exchange
Server: Admin interface displays result of sending cashback email.
Server: List of cryptocurrencies can be filtered by cryptocurrency.
Server: Location id is written into the transaction record table in the database.
Server: Bumped jetty container version used in master service
Server: Added JVM version into logs.
Server: Added more information about system and threads into server dump file
Bug Fixes:
Server: Sell strategy 4 was causing double sell transactions on the exchange.
Server: In some cases cashback email wasn't sent.
Server: Do not start PhotoQueueMgr when terminal reports queue hash as empty string instead of null.
Server: Fixed billing on servers with high number of transactions not generating invoices.
Version 20200819:
Server: Geth wallet now supports also ssh tunneling.
Server: Added possibility to delete bill dispenser cassettes on server
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: German language corrections.
BATM3/4/RCkit: Fixed bill dispenser cassette detection.
Server: Fixed BitPanda Pro exchnage amount precision and price calculation
Server: Pictures could not be uploaded to identity via admin.
Server: Bitstamp parameter username is now correctly called userid.
Server: Identity photos are not visible via approval links.
Server: Adding note via extension didn't work.
Version 20200813:
Server: Webhooks now wait for target to return status code that is logged.
Server: Added support ILCoin (
Terminal: Improved english language translation.
Bug Fixes:
BATM3/4/RCKit: Added more time for bill dispenser to initialize.
Server: Fixed terminal creation from non-admin users.
Version 20200801:
New Features:
Server: Introduced user groups in CAS.
Server: Added granular permissions to users and groups. User roles are no longer used.
Server: Added ability for operator to receive photo from terminal's camera on demand.
Terminal: Added support for BSD (Bahamian Dollar)
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fingerprint matching didn't work on ubuntu 20.04 due to missing libusb-1-0-4 system library.
Server: LBTC payments were not displayed as PAID on CortexPay.
Server: Cash-collection ticket generated as PDF via CAS didn't have correctly calculated one of the total amounts.
Terminal: Added support for Jam detection of bill acceptor.
Terminal: Added handling of corrupted history written in USB dongle.
BATM3/4/RCKit: Added more detailed logging.
Version 20200716:
Server: Added Bitpanda Pro exchange support. (
Server: Removed help in admin and replaced by link to support.
Bug Fixes:
BATM2/4: Fixed missing alarm disengage dialog.
Version 20200702:
New Features:
Server: Added filtering terminals by its status.
Server: Search bar now allows to find and filter terminals by part of its location's name or address.
Server: Added ability to create partial cashback from failed sell transaction.
Server/Terminal: Added possibility to set custom error messages for buy, sell and withdraw terminal screens.
Server: Added possibility to add phone number to identity in admin.
Terminal: Show "Please Wait" after One Time PIN is entered.
Bug Fixes:
Server: In some cases customer name wasn't checked against watchlist.
Server: In some cases notifications were not sent.
Server: List of cash collections wasn't filtered by selected terminals.
Server: Fixed NPE when calculating VIP limits.
Server: Fixed EveryTrade API format.
Terminal: Collection of customer name could be skipped by user.
Version 20200629:
New Feature:
Server/Terminal: Added possibility to remotely reset machine to factory state (however server ip remains set).
Server: Added ability to create manually cashbacks from failed sell transactions.
Server: Transaction scoring results are now saved and exported in transaction export.
Server: Identity limits can be updated via extension.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Advanced support is not able to add notes to identity profile, only read them. Advanced support should be able to add, but not delete notes.
Server: Searching by identity ID returned error toast.
Server: Advanced support is not able to upload document images to identity directly through Admin.
BATM2: Spinner displayed after QR code is read was displayed only on BATM3.
Version 20200624:
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed race-condition where one transaction can be processed twice.
Server: Use of deprecated Virtual Terminal API created too many internal threads over the time and caused server to run out of memory.
Please DO NOT use Virtual Terminal API. It has been deprecated since 20190530. Use extensions.
Server: Everytrade API fix - base and quote were exchanged.
Server: Document expiration date wasn't saved in some cases.
Server: Registration link fails when accessed by token without logging into admin.
Server: Added more logging when transaction cannot be committed.
Version 20200617:
Terminal: Improved Spanish translation.
Server: Cash collection id is now passed in counters cleared notification too.
Server: Improved logging when local invoices are generated.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Support role and Advanced support role can now add notes to identity.
Server: IExtensionContext method updateIdentity didn't update configurationCashCurrency
Terminal: Disarming alarm by PIN on screen not always worked.
Version 20200611:
New Feature:
Server: Added ability to mark days when cash collection is expected at the location.
Server: Added new notification rule Missed Cash Collection when nobody performs cash collection at the location at expected day.
Server: Buy and sell terminal profit can be newly dynamically overwritten by extension. See ITerminalListener at github for more information.
Server: Added new notification rule Organization Invoice Created. It is fired when new invoice is generated.
BATM3/4/RCKit: Improved bill dispenser initialization logging.
Bug Fixes:
BATM3/4/RCKit: Improved bill dispenser cassette position storing.
Server: Fixed server error when phone-line type could not be determined.
Server: Fixed BTC Lightning sell.
Server: Fixed advanced support role didn't have permission to add blacklisted addresses.
Server: Advanced support role should not be able to delete blacklisted addresses.
Server: Batch button to deactivate terminals should not be available for Advanced support role.
Server: Advanced support role didn't have search box available.
Version 20200528:
New Features:
Server: Added ability to create cash-backs from UI. Handy when you want to dispense cash to customer without a sell transaction.
Server: Added Huobi ERC-32 token support.
Server: Added possibility to add text notes to identity via admin and extension.
Terminal: Scanned document is accepted when blurred on if it is a 4th take.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed rounding on output queues.
Server: Do not report to that sell on machine is available when sell is disabled in sell exchange strategy.
Version 20200525:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added phone number blacklist.
Server/Terminal: Terminal can be remotely instructed to connect on different Wi-Fi network.
Server: Added example for external identity provider.
Server: Added possibility to change identities
Server: LND wallet parameter cert is now optional.
Terminal: Blurred photos of the scanned documents are rejected by terminal. Customer is asked to rescan document.
Terminal: Connected wifi network name is displayed on admin screen.
BATM3/BATM4: Refactored initialization of card dispenser and usb dongle.
BATM3/BATM4: Added dispenser cassette manipulation notification.
Terminal: Added acceptor acceptance problem notification when bankonte is returned to customer 3 times in row for whatever reason.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed 500 error when saving terminal configuration.
Server: Fixed link from queue to crypto-configuration in admin.
Server: Fixed queueing on newly created queues.
BATM3/BATM4: Fixed initialization when bill dispenser is missing.
Server: Fixed ./batm-manage restore on Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04.
Version 20200517:
Cloud: Customers can see their support PIN on cloud on profile page.
Server: Added new notification "Terminal rejected due to wrong IP address" fired when terminal's IP is not whitelisted.
This notification is fired only once a day for each terminal.
Server: Extension gets notified when receipt gets sent and customer email/phone is saved in custom data on transaction record in database.
Server: Cash collection ticket now contains a line from custom string printer_cash_collection_ticket_template
Server: Stacker out for the period notification now includes the timestamp when the stacker was pulled out
Server: Identity has now date of birth.
Server: Identity's document expiration has now checkbox signaling document that doesn't expire.
Server: User can set in his profile number of records per page for terminal list page.
Terminal: Terminal now saves backup server ip address. This address still gets reseted when factory reset is initiated.
Version 20200506:
New Features:
Server: Added experimental support for Queues
Server can queue transactions and send them out in batches resulting in lower mining fees.
Server: List of terminals is now sortable with buy in.
Server: List of blacklisted addresses is now pageable
Server: Reporting buy and sell available to can be now turned on and off separately.
Server: LND can be now connected via SSH tunnel
Server: Identity pieces documentType and documentValidTo are now accessible via extension
Bug Fixes:
Server: Alarm Disengage PIN action was missing on terminal page.
Server: Return cash collections even for inactive and deleted terminals (called from extensions).
Server/Terminal: Improved logging when upgrading terminal to better detect compatibility issues.
Server: Bitfinex deposit address fix
Version 20200429:
Server: Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 is now officially supported by CAS server.
Server: Top search bar now supports terminal search by serial number.
Server: Wallet backup filenames now contain also remote tx id.
Server: Coinbase exchange wallet is now moved to the open-source part server.
Server: Coinmate exchange can be now used also as a hot wallet.
Server/Terminal: Terminal displays instructions on how to START receiving messages when customer is unsubscribed Twillio SMS recipient.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Discount code usage count displayed in admin didn't show correct number when code was used in anonymous transaction.
Server: VIP limits were not visible on identities that registered on now deleted terminal.
Server: Option to add webhook on notification rule wasn't not available for customer registrations.
Server: Added binance exchange workaround fix for xchange library.
Server: Fixed NPE in hitbtc exchange implementation.
Server: Fixed DAI sell support for Coinmate.
Terminal: Fixed number of the rare crashes reported by telemetry.
Version 20200416:
Server: Increased version of bouncy castle library to 1.63.
Server: Terminal list is now pageable by 50 items for faster page loading.
Terminal/Server: Added support for dispensing IDR bank notes.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed BCH support on Bitfinex.
Server: Fixed EveryTrade API access.
Server: Short counters cleared notification didn't contain total sum of banknotes in cashbox.
Server: Fixed few typos.
Server: Fixed JOB token listing in administration.
Server: PDF invoices can no longer be generated on local server. Operator must login to cloud to generate PDF invoice.
Version 20200406:
New Features:
BATM3/4/RCKit: ATM now detects and reports via notification movements of dispenser cassettes.
Server: Added support for JOB token -
BATM3/4/RCKit: Bill dispenser cassette magnets are now used to track cassette swaps.
Server/Terminal: Added notifications for Alarm on server.
Server/Terminal: Added alarm disengage support using PIN.
Cash collection guy can enter PIN on ATM screen before opening machine to collect cash.
Such one-time-use PIN is obtained from admin interface and is valid for 15min only.
Server: Advanced support role can now add discount codes when 2FA by user is performed.
Server: CipherTrace scored addresses/transactions with score 10 get blocked and with 9 only generate suspicious transaction notification.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed saving account discounts when user is using non-US locale.
Server: Fixed BitGo reporting errors correctly when sending coins.
Version 20200323:
Server: BitGo wallet now supports tunneling.
Server: Updated xchange libraries (including enigma) to version 4.4.2
Terminal: Additional scam protection when scanning QR codes.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Cash collections are not generated any more where total amount is 0.
Server: Fixed 500 error when showing analytics in CAS.
Server: Fixed DASH and XRP ratesource support for Coinmate exchange.
Server: Tunnel checkbox and password were displayed based on the configured (saved) wallet and not the one currently selected
Server: Fixed Bitrex rate source - added workaround to fix bug in 4.4.2 xchange lib.
Server: Identity page with multiple transactions is loaded faster.
Version 20200316:
New Features:
Server: Added support for webhooks to notifications. URL can be called when notification event is triggered.
Server/Terminal: Added two-way support for BCH SLP tokens - SPICE is ships as an example.
Server/BATM3/4: Added possibility to initiate banknote float down on recycler remotely from server.
Terminal: Spanish language improvements.
Server: Searching external identities via extension must be explicitly enabled in KYCAML settings.
Server: Lowered number of calls to to XChangeExchange based exchange implementations.
Server: Added possibility to find identities by document number from extension.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Billing logging improved.
Server: SYScoin API is now at version 4
Server: Fixed compatibility with Bitcoin Cash ABC 0.21
Server: Fixed NPE when searching for non-existing terminal by serial number from extension
Version 20200309:
New Features:
Server: Added support for crypto-currency accounting software.
Server/Terminal: Added support for alarm. Alarm goes off when door is opened without entering PIN first.
Server/Terminal: Added support for ARS - Argentine Peso
Server: Added new HIGH_RISK_ADDRESS event when scored transaction is refused.
Server: Added new notification for transaction scoring (when transaction is refused).
Server: Added more caching for transaction scoring.
Server: Identity detail page is now divided into tabs and images are lazy-loaded when scrolled.
Server: Added more logging when BitGo wallet reports error.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed registration of fingerprint template. Merged version of 2 fingerprints is now stored.
Server: Fixed customer registration of already matching fingerprint.
Server: Phone numbers were not always stored when KYC AML setting used fingerprint and phone number.
Server: Transaction custom data were ignored when sending receipt from server instead of printing it on ATM.
Server: Fixed links to example videos used in skins.
Server: Removed calibration button from BATM4 machine.
Server: Banknotes CSV export now contains also transaction id and cash collection id.
Server: Sending of crash logs didn't work when there were too many crash log files on filesystem
Server: Fixed mysql+innodb deadlocking when inserting banknotes.
BATM4/RCKit2: Fixed acceptor version text wrapping in administration.
BATM4/RCKit2: Fixed crashes on screens "other locations" and "help video".
Version 20200224:
Server: Added support for opening hours on location individually for each day of the week.
Server: Transaction scoring service on BTC, LTC or DASH addresses is called only when addresses had some transactions past.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Transaction scoring provider settings were not always saved when organization was modified.
Server: Removed QuadrigaCX rate source and exchange.
Server: Added caching of transaction scoring results for 60 minutes to minimize pricing requirements.
Server: Fixed virtual terminal API - however virtual terminal API still remains deprecated.
Server: Fixed list of transactions on identity filtered by crypto currency.
Server: Returning null from ITransactionListener.onTransactionCreated and onTransactionUpdated was resulting in NullPointerException.
Version 20200218:
New Features:
Server: Added support for 3rd party CipherTrace transaction scoring service CipherTrace.
Server: Extensions can now provide transaction scoring provider
Server: Added ability to query phone line type from extension.
Server: Added possibility to check for duplicate identities from admin.
Server/Terminal: Added support for XPM (Primecoin)
Server: Sell transactions should get resumed after server restart.
Previously server stopped watching sell transactions when got restarted.
Server: Added support for EUR currency in Binance exchange.
Server: Added possibility to upload PNG photo as identity.
Server: Exchange strategy 4 refactored.
Server: RPC wallet doesn't support account any more.
Server: RPC wallet now supports label.
Server: Added auditing when setting cassette counts.
Server: Bumped enigma exhcnage library version to 4.4.2
Server: Server is saving into database also txid of SELL forwarding transaction.
Server: Transaction bitcoin fees logging
Terminal: Added support for Venezuelan Spanish language.
BATM2: Automatically open keyboard when user is asked for a name.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Cashbox full warning on BATM3 wasn't signalized in admin broken since 20200120.
Server: Person couldn't have multiple users.
Server: Binance exchange support for XRP didn't handle tag correctly.
Server: User could set cashbox capacity to zero which caused error.
Server: Fixed database connection closing during the notifications.
Server: Fixed GDPR auditlog maximum length of field actions.
Server: Fixed cash analytics calculation for bill dispenser
Server: Fixed transaction listing permissions.
Server: Fixed identity fingerprint matching when 2 fingerprints matched 2 organizations.
Server: Fixed identity matching when one phone number registration was present in two organizations
Server: Fixed Bitgo wallet ETH support.
Server: Fixed check for duplicate remote transaction ids on sell, withdraw and cash-back transactions.
Server: Entity manager sessions were being closed when some of the methods were called by extension.
Server: Fixed amount rounding to tradable amounts on binance exchange
Terminal: PAPER_OK was mistakenly reported as PAPER_REFILL.
RCKit2: Fixed crashes when camera position was off.
Version 20200120:
New Features:
BATM4/Server: Added support for BATMFour.
Terminal: Customer can finish purchase when bill acceptor gets full during the buy process.
Server: Improved voice call billing calculation.
Server: Fixed BitcoinPay LTC support.
Server: Added first batch action - activate/deactivate multiple terminals from CAS.
BATM3/RCKit: Added message for coins sent to machine too late.
Server: Added more meaningful error messages when editing discounts
Bug Fixes:
Server: batm-manage show balances LTC didn't work properly
Server: Reference cleaner for deleted terminals was filling log file.
RCKit2: Fixed crash when cash box is out and cash collection mode is enabled.
Version 20200114:
New Features:
Server: Added new notification action - voice call phone number
Server: Added new notification stacker out from machine outside of opening hours.
Server/Terminal: Added option that machine can call customer and tell him one time password in case SMS didn't arrive
Server/Terminal: Added Tha language support
BATM3: Added private mode (numbers are smaller) when accessing administration on machine.
Server: Added support for Binance
Server: Added rate source and wallet
Server: Added rate source
Server: Identity has now also validity of the document and language of the customer.
Terminal: Finger touch on buttons is now visually signalized.
Terminal: Custom PEP question can be now specified in custom strings.
Terminal: Improved hungarian language support
Terminal: Added message on terminal informing customer that he sent coins late
Server: Changed default values when installing new server
Server: Add uptime into the server logs.
Server: Admin tags can be now set on notifications
Server: Increased timeout on terminal's https connections
Server: Continue starting services via batm-manage when admin service is already running.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Terminal Offline X Minutes did not not fully respect the condition amount
Server: Fixed phone number restriction check database connection closing issue.
Server: Fixed error in admin when customer had transactions performed in multiple fiat currencies.
Server: Fixed Bittrex exchange withdrawal.
Server: Fixed arabic letters appearing in dispenser cassette name
Server: Fixed rate source
Server: Fixed Groestlcoin implementation
Cloud: Fixed phone line type caching
Version 20191220:
New Features:
RCKit: Added support for RCKit2(23" display).
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed 500 error when navigating from cash collections to terminal.
Server: Fixed 500 error when clicking on customer registration approval link.
Server: Fixed batm-manage show balance command.
Server: Fixed updating database with transaction custom data generated by extension.
Version 20191213:
New Features:
Server: Introduced new KYC/AML limits:
Cash Limit Per 3 Months
Cash Limit Per 12 Months
Cash Limit Per Calendar Year Quarter
Cash Limit Per Calendar Year
Cash Limit Per Day And Crypto Address
Total Identity Cash Limit
Server: Added "./batm-manage show balances BTC" command to show balances in server's temporary wallets.
Server: Added support for http filters on REST services provided by extensions.
Server: Discount codes can be now optionally used only x times per identity.
Server: Transactions with failed withdrawal are now correctly marked as FAILED.
Server: Do not allow identities to be found from other organizations.
Multiple identities with same phone number may exist if they are in different organizations.
WARNING: Identities API changed a bit in Open Extensions. Make your extension compatible before upgrading.
Server: Added possibility to upload identity document scans from admin interface.
Server: Do not offer Buy-only wallets in sell crypto settings.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Coins were sold on exhcnage twice when SELL exchange strategy 2 or 4 was used - broken since 20191204.
Server: Removed rate source - no longer available.
Server: Maximum width of identity picture is now set.
Server: Administrators on local servers were not able to delete invoices.
Server: Fixed individual limits calculation.
Version 20191204:
New Features:
Server: Added new user role Support Advanced = Support + Identity Approver.
Server: Name of the identity is displayed in list of identities.
Server: List of identities is now sortable by update/created date.
Server: Added ln command compatibility with LND node.
Server: More detailed logging in master log when calculating discounts.
Server: Delete old terminal upgrade files.
Cloud: Billing fixes.
BATM3/RCKit: Added support for MGA fiat currency.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed exchange strategy 4 for no forward wallets such as bitcoind.
Server: Fixed error when exploring identities with transactions from deleted terminals.
Version 20191127:
New Features:
Server: Transactions can now show what individual banknotes were part of the transaction.
Server: Cash collection can now show what individual banknotes were part of the cash collection.
Server: Added possibility to delete identities older than x.
Server: Faster terminal page loading.
Server: Adjusted times on server based on user's browser time.
Server: Transactions can be newly edited via button Actions
Server: Improved cashbox saturation calculation.
Server: Search text view can be now used also for searching identities, invoices and cash collections.
Server: Added support for UZS fiat currency.
Server: Added rate source
Server: Support role can now edit addresses in blacklist.
Server: Added support for XRP to Coinbase, CoinbasePro, Coinpaprika, Bitstamp, Kraken and CoinGecko rate sources.
Server: Added support for XRP to Conbase wallet and Kraken exchange.
Server: Added server installation id
Server/Terminal: Fixed grammar mistakes.
Terminal: Updated Hungarian translations
Terminal: Added confirmation dialog on terminal when user clicks on "Clear Counters" button.
Terminal: Operator can enable rejecting scans of LTC addresses that start with ltc1 by
setting "ltc_reject_ltc1" in terminal special configuration.
Useful for example when operator's exchange doesn't support ltc1 addresses.
Cloud: Added support for invoice payment in LBTC.
Cloud: Added "Are you sure" dialog when regenerating new GB API key on cloud.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Identity export didn't contain email address.
Server: Fixed XRP address validator
Server: Fixed registration approval link error 500.
Server: Invalid sell payments that were later marked as approved could not be withdrawn
Version 20191119:
WARNING: If you are running your own server you need to have a GB API key set on your organizations before upgrade.
Otherwise server will refuse to talk to terminals.
GB API Key is visible on your organization at
If you don't have a login information to cloud please contact
New Features:
Server: Show cash box saturation in the list of terminals.
Server: Added support for SSH tunnels when connecting server to bitcoind or similar via RPC.
For more information see crypto-settings and github
Server: Added support for Enigma exchange.
Server/Terminal: Added support for door sensors. Opening/Closing door on machine generates notification.
Requires HW upgrade. Contact if you want to purchase such upgrade.
Server: Knowm exchange libraries version were bumped to 4.4.0.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you test your extension with this release before deploying into production.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed telesign support. Telesign changed API. Identity contact data were not fetched at least since 12.11.2019.
Terminal/Server: Few typos fixed.
Version 20191106:
New Features:
Server: Added possibility to print cash collections as PDF.
Server: Better limits formatting in admin
Terminal: Display hints as bubbles to better distinguish them from buttons.
Terminal: Prevent QR code scanning in buy mode when paper wallet mode only is enabled.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed few typos.
Server: Note button on cash collections page didn't work since 20191025.
Server: GC overhead exceeded when exporting terminal events in admin.
Server: Billing invoices generation timing fix.
Server: Fixed transaction CSV export.
Server: Unable to delete notifications and kyc/AML settings assigned to deleted terminals.
CortexPay: Display order Id as a label in payment url.
Terminal: Fixed KYC/AML crash in some scenarios.
Version 20191025:
New Features:
Server: License and Support fees. Server will automatically start issuing every month invoices to operators.
First issued invoice will be for September 2019.
Invoices for September onwards will be generated regardless of the server upgrade date.
Pricing effective from 1st of Sept 2019:
On Cloud:
License fee 0-1000 machines = 0.5% machines turnover/month/organization.
Support fee = 5 USD/machine/month
On Standalone server:
License fee 0-5 machines = 10 USD/month/organization.
6-500 machines = 0.25% machines turnover/month/organization
Support fee = 10 USD/machine/month
Server: Added cash collections report in analytics.
Server: Added XRP support for
Server/Terminal: Added support for XRP.
Server: Added telegram command that displays terminal cashbox contains(info cash).
BATM2: Disconnected printer is on BATM2 only a warning.
BATM3: Added NFC support for BCH.
Server: DASH is not blacklisted any more.
Server: dashj library dependency removed for DASH.
Server: Rewritten DASH sell functionality to use dashd instead of dashj.
Server: Migrated bitcoinpay support on APIv3.
Server: Added ability to ignore paper related warnings in the list of terminals.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed pagination when results are filtered by terminal tags.
Server: KYC AML Limits were not saved when value contained ',' character.
Server: Error when displaying identities from deleted terminals.
Server: SMS withdraw sell notifications were not sent when anonymous face capture was enabled.
Terminal: Fixed AML limits not calculated correctly. Broken since 20191022.
Terminal: Fixed double-tap 0 digit issue when entering phone number.
BATM3: Terminal crashes when customer is trying to send an email receipt.
BATM3/RCKit: Fixed leaking camera service on sell screen.
BATM3/RCKit: Do not continue when paperwallet is not printed in paperwalletonly mode.
BATM3/RCKit: Server wasn't sending SMSes to customers who sold coins on ATM anonymously.
Version 20191017:
Server/Terminal: Cash collections now have an unique Id.
Server: Added DASH support for coinbase wallet.
Server: Added DASH support for wallet.
Server: Added BAT support for Kraken exchange.
RCKit/BATM3: Software keyboard will be automatically opened on BATM3 and RCKit machines when entering email or name.
RCKit/BATM3: Added new message informing customer that he sent invalid amount when scanning redeem ticket.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed email attachment filename and content type when sending receipt with logo.
Server: Banknote history records were not created for banknotes moved from cassette to reject box.
Terminal: Fixed message on no-wallet activity page for altcoins.
Version 20191014:
Server: Coinmarket missing API key now generates warning instead of exception
Server: Improved discount code creation error messages.
Terminal: Faster detection of paid invoice on LBTC.
CortexPay: Orders saved on server now also contain link to POS.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Tag filtering of terminals didn't work correctly for readonly users in analytics.
Server: UBA bill acceptor ECO detection fix.
Terminal: When customer enters PIN on terminal '****' characters are displayed.
Version 20191009:
New Features:
Terminal: BATM2 can be also connected to RVRVV-500-64 as a vending module for BTC, LTC and LBTC payments.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Viewing POS orders page was modifying dates of orders when different timezone used for server and POS.
Terminal: Spinner with text "Please wait" remained displayed during buy process.
Version 20191008:
Server: Maximum size of video files for skins is now 25 MB.
Server: Added API to add selfies and documents via Extensions.
Bug Fixes:
Server: POS article export CSV fixes.
Server: Fixed fiat currency detection for ECO, GBR, CAN when UBA bill acceptor is used.
Terminal: In some cases soft-keyboard remained visible on selfie screen after taking name or email of the customer.
Terminal: Removed special font used in french language.
Terminal: Paperwallet only mode is now supported on all terminals when printer is detected.
Version 20191004:
New Features:
Server: Added new notification when machine's cash box is out from machine for period of time.
Terminal/Server: Added Haitian Creole language support.
Terminal/Server: Ask customer how much cash he plans to insert before inserting cash in order to test LBTC route.
Server: Improved logging on server when wrong PIN is supplied.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed repetitive customer name collection.
Server: Telegram command lightning was incorrectly showing channel capacities.
Server: Per crypto address limit wasn't correctly calculated for ETH addresses.
Server: Fixed out of memory error when publishing AML type information.
Version 20190930:
New Features:
Server: Terminal tags can be assigned also to users.
This allows administrators to filter what terminals each user has access too within an organization in CAS.
Server: Added new Telegram command (lightning/ln) to display status of LN channels. Supported only with Ecliar node for now.
Bug Fixes:
Server: User with non-admin role should not be able to delete users in his organization.
Server: Fixed hibernate query parameters for invoices, cash collections and events.
Version 20190925:
Server: Publish to CoinATM radar also information that machine has at least one banknote available for dispensing.
This prevents customers travelling to two-way machines where sell is not possible at all.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Database commit/rollback fix for certain cases.
BATM3: Card dispensing crashes fixed when collecting OTP/fingerprint from anonymous customer.
Server: Additional limits calculation fixes when cash currency is not properly configured on machine.
CortexPay/Server: Fixed segwit addresses generation from mtub.
Version 20190924:
BATM3/RCKit: Bill dispenser now supports only new 100 CHF banknote not old one 100 CHF.
Terminal: Display no wallet button on open channel LBTC screen.
Server/Terminal: Added recommended wallets for LBTC.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed limits calculation on secondary fiat currency.
Server: Fixed LBTC test on rate source.
Terminal: Removed Force Close dialog when application crashes.
Terminal: Acceptor didn't get initialized immediately when application started after previous crash.
Terminal: Fixed crashes when collecting email from user.
Terminal: Fixed crash when checking user's existence by fingerprint.
Terminal: Rare terminal crashes fixes based on telemetry data.
Version 20190917:
New Features:
Server: Extensions can now add identities on server. See the REST example on github.
Server: Added NGN fiat currency banknote sizes.
Server: Added possibility to edit tag names and colors.
Server: Improved logging of BCH support.
Bug Fixes:
Server: VIP limits were not calculated properly.
Server: CSV export with millions of records could not be downloaded - error 500.
Server: Extension context call getCashCollections sometimes returned exception.
Terminal: Send transaction receipt functionality on terminal was broken.
Terminal: Removed redundant periodic calls on server that recalculate terminal's balance.
Terminal: Rare terminal crashes fixes based on telemetry data.
BATM3/RCKit: Fixed crashes when printing paper wallets.
Version 20190911:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: KYC AML settings are now redesigned. Specific AML types no longer exist.
Custom AML settings shared across terminals are introduced.
Operator can also define order in which is information collected from customer.
Server: Added support for HATCH crypto-currency
Server: Added support for AQUA crypto-currency
Server: BitFlyer extension open-sourced.
Server: Server now warns users in case they have weak passwords.
Server: Updated base libraries.
Server: Removed support for coinnections - company no longer exists.
Server: Improved tag coloring
Server: User can get banned after 5 unsuccessful login attempts.
User can be unbanned via ./batm-manage unban-user username command
Server: Tags now have better coloring.
Server: Skin images are re-encoded by server.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Checking of supply limits was crashing terminal application when wallet was not configured properly.
Server: Fixed tag functionality in POS articles.
Server: Balance was incorrectly read from wallet. It was always 0.
Server: Custom string printer_sell_crypto_ticket_template was not available on server for RCKit device.
Version 20190903:
New Features:
Terminal/Server: Terminal can display buy price charts for week or one month in screensaver mode.
Terminal has to spend at least 7 days to collect data before chart is actually displayed.
Server: Terminal tags can now have also colors.
Server: Added possibility for user to enter specific terminal version number when upgrading via web interface.
Server: Customer role can now edit their organization.
Server: Added support for Kraken API trading agreement required by German customer accounts.
Server: SMS message is now also sent to customer when his sell transaction is manually moved to ARRIVED state by operator.
Terminal: Operator can enable rejecting scans of BTC addresses that start with bc1 by
setting "btc_reject_bc1" in terminal special configuration.
Useful for example when operator's exchange doesn't support bc1 addresses.
Terminal: Ask customer "How did you hear about us?" on Purchase finished screen.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed upgrade not available case on CortexPay.
Server/Extensions: Phone numbers passed to extensions were not properly formatted with country prefix. Now they are.
Server: Transaction analytics were broken when terminals were selected by checkboxes.
Server: Exchange strategy 4 didn't finish when notification failed.
Server: Fixed default ip whitelist network mask from 24 to 32.
Terminal: Currency names from UBA acceptor were not parsed correctly.

Version 20190815:
New Features:
Server/Terminal/CortexPay: Added experimental two-way support for DAI - when coinbase wallet is used.
Please don't use it in production yet. For preview only.
Terminal/Server: Added support for AZN fiat currency.
Terminal: Updated KES banknote sizes.
Terminal: Disabled context menu in text boxes on terminal.
Server: Phone line type is now saved and updated next to phone number on identity page.
Server: Ignore white space characters in Timeout Address field.
BATM3: Improved recycler error messages in dispense result.
Bug Fixes:
Server: To see added note required refreshing page.
Server: Testing of crypto-currency settings didn't work in admin - broken since 20190711
CortexPay: NFC payments were broken due to different SSL certificate on
Version 20190812:
New Features:
Server: Admin now uses wildfly 17 as application server.
Server: Added new bitcoind/litecoind hotwallet type that doesn't require sell transaction forwarding
Server: Added support for MUE crypto-currency
Server/Extensions: Transactions can be now disapproved by extension before cash is
inserted into machine by ITransactionListener.isTransactionPreparationApproved()
Server/Extensions: Added support for checking PIN.
Customer has to enter his PIN before he can insert cash. Available only for AML type 12.
And checkpin=4 has to be present in special configuration
Bug Fixes:
Server: Some transaction success notifications were not produced.
Server: Downloading exchange rates for fiat currencies was exceeding number of requests/s limits - downloading is now slower.
Version 20190724:
New Features:
Terminal/Server/CortexPay: Added support for LND - Bitcoin Lightning (LBTC) support is still in experimental mode.
Please do not use it in production yet. For preview only.
Server/Terminal: Added Support for TRTL coin
Server: Added trace level logging on Extension, ExtensionContext, ExternalIdentityProvider and TransactionListener
BATM3: Added recycler missing logging.
Server: Order type (limit/market) can be now specified in Kraken crypto-settings.
Terminal: French translation updated.
Terminal: Value in custom qrcode in ticket template can be represented by variable.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Kraken BCH deposit didn't work.
Server: User entry validation fixes.
Server: Due to LBTC sometimes other sell extensions were not started.
Server: Fixed NPE in notifications with condition amounts.
Version 20190711:
New Features:
Terminal/Server/CortexPay: Added VERY experimental support for Bitcoin Lightning (LBTC)
Please do not use it in production yet. For preview only.
Server: Redesigned notifications allowing for example amount conditions per crypto-currency
Server: Server checks if acceptor's billset matches enabled currencies on server.
Terminal/Server: Fixed Fee renamed in english language to Additional Fee
Terminal: Updated Georgian language translations
BATM3/RCKit: Changed withdrawal screen timeout to 2 minutes.
Bug Fixes:
BATM3: Bill recycler initialization fix.
Server: Fixed address tests for BCH and SUM
Terminal: Spanish language fixes.
Terminal: Fixed PEP question in paper wallet only mode.
Version 20190627:
Terminal: Added crypto-currency symbol when scanning wallet address.
Terminal: Improved Spanish language translation.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed terminal lazy-loading when serializing terminals into JSON via Extension API.
Server: Option "Allow Only Customers With Known Phone Identity" wasn't available for some of the AML types (10,11,12)
Server: Registration requests were not delivered via Telegram channel.
Server: Fixed terminal form compatibility with Safari.
Terminal: Fixed rare NPE in light service,
Terminal: Added camera warm time to avoid dark images in face capture.
Terminal: Better handling of banknote accepting while internet connection goes down.
RCKit: Fixed Scanning of QR codes. Didn't work due to older android version. Broken since 20190613.
BATM3/RCKit: Do not offer to choose fiat currency before sell screen.
Version 20190618:
Terminal: Updated portuguese translation
Bug Fixes:
Server: Opening hours didn't correctly work for some time ranges.
Version 20190613:
Security Features:
Server/Terminal: Added opening hours on location.
When deactivate outside of opening hours is enabled on Terminal then server
refuses requests from terminal outside from opening hours.
New Features:
Server: Added support for EURS crypto currency.
Server/Terminal: Added support for bc1 and ltc1 addresses.
Server/Terminal: Added support for GHS currency - Ghanaian Cedi.
Server: Added Junior Support role for CAS users with limited support abilities.
Server: Reordered items on identity page for less scrolling on the page.
Server: CSV exports now contain also name of the crypto-setting used.
Server: Added sorting(also by terminal status) on terminal list page.
Server: XMR support is now batching coin transfers into single transaction and waits for unlocked balance.
Server: Removed account name parameter for bitcoind wallet.
Server: Mark fields as not mandatory when buy or sell is disabled in crypto-settings.
Server: Bumped bitcoinj/litecoinj and bitrafael library versions.
Server: Invalid payment address is now mandatory.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed bitfinex support. Bitfinex changed API
Server: Location wasn't displayed on map when user didn't approve location permission.
Server: DASHJ sell is still blacklisted as dashj library provided by DASH team is unstable and crashing whole server.
Version 20190530:
Server: Ability to add new virtual terminals was removed. Support for virtual terminals is deprecated.
Please use server extensions API with REST instead.
Server: Added support for cashbacks in Extensions(IExtensionContext).
Ability to withdraw cash by customers from ATM without selling crypto.
Consider what this functionality can represent for your business.
New Features:
Server: Added rate source
Server: Added rate source
Server: Added ability to query terminal cash collections via Extension context via extensions.
Server: Added ability to query terminal events via Extension context via extensions.
BATM3/RCKit: Added support for dispensing VES - Venezuelan Bolívar.
Server: Added possibility to also manually enter lat and lon of the location.
Server: Added possibility to specify max video upload size with property video_upload_size_limit_mb in config file file_quotas
Server: Added help to private key wallet
Server: Display whole crypto address in Transaction Failed notification.
Server: Added CZK currency support for Coingi exchange.
Terminal/Server: Blacklisted addresses message now displayed on terminal.
Terminal: Improved cash service logging.
BATM3: Improved error messages when issuing NFC card or sending payment.
BATM3/RCKit: Flat fee is hidden on screen when is 0.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Do not show error message that upgrade pkg file is missing when upgrading terminal.
Server: List of all terminal transactions in now respecting selected tags
Server/Terminal: Anonymous hourly limits were not correctly calculated when face capture was turned on.
Server: Uphold wallet support was removed.
BATM3: No wallet button wasn't shown when onlty NFC cards issuing was enabled.
Version 20190513:
New Features:
Server: Server license can be now displayed or changed via ./batm-manage license
Server: Added support for BAY currency BitBayCoin
Server: Ability to check if terminal is locked or deleted via Extensions.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed support for wallet. changed API.
Server: Fixed XSG currency logos.
Version 20190506:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added support for XSG (SnowGem) crypto-currency
Server/Terminal: Updated underlying libraries.
Server: Passwords use now more secure algorithm.
Server/Terminal: Percentage fee is displayed on the ticket.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Coinbase - to financial institution can't be blank
Server: LTC and DASH email and SMS purchases didn't work.
Server: Crypto-settings cloud not be saved by user with Customer role.
Terminal: Hungarian language translation fixes
Terminal: Terminal wasn't sending identity phonenumber to server for registered users in some cases.
Version 20190415:
New Features:
Server: Extensions can now implement IdentityProvider that can be used by server.
This can enable you to lookup identities for example in your external back end system.
For more information see getIdentityProviders method on IExtension interface.
Server: Identities returned to extensions now contain also limits.
Server: Added support for rate source price stabilization.
Server: Added support for exchange.
Terminal: Added printer test into administration.
Server: Bitfinex improvements.
Terminal: LTC addresses starting with 3 will no longer be recognized by terminal.
Version 20190403:
New Features:
Server: Added Coinbase Pro Support.
Server: Infura wallet takes application id as one of the parameters.
Server: Unification of CSV export with or w/o identity.
Server: Improved buy/sell logging.
Server: Added catching of exceptions produced by extensions.
Server: Sharper Sumcoin logo.
BATM3: BATM3 now supports up to 6 cash cassettes.
Terminal: Serbian language update.
Server/Terminal: Added initial support for PK project.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Organization / Location cannot be deleted (when Person is deleted).
Server: Transaction analytics didn't work for all currency combinations.
Version 20190319:
New Features:
Server: Added support for exchange. Thanks to: @ztnark
Server: Added support for NULS coin . Thanks to: @naveen7252
Bug Fixes:
Server: Custom coins are no longer required to be in public github repo by administration software.
Server: Notifications now use terminal timezone time.
Server: Videos couldn't be deleted in admin.
Version 20190314:
New Features:
Server: Added support for MUSD (MoveX USD ) token.
Server: Added support for THBX (Digital Thai Baht) token.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Terminal buy rate was not correctly reported on when exchange strategy 0 was set since 20190313.
Server: Fixed Stream365 rate source.
Server: Fixed ANT, HBX and VOLTZ coin icons.
Version 20190313:
Server: DASH sell support is temporarily blacklisted in this release due to instability of
underlying dashj library provided by 3rd party affecting overall server's stability.
In technical terms dashj library is memory leaking and having issues to sync with rest of DASH network.
Dashj team confirmed that they are working on resolving the issue.
Once the issue is fixed by 3rd party we will un-blacklist DASH sell in future releases.
DASH buy functionality remains unaffected.
If you wish to still provide DASH sell support for your customers than you can
whitelist DASH sell support by creating empty file in /batm/config/whitelist_DASH.
Please note that our tech. support will not help resolving DASH sell related issues until its fully supported again.
Server: We upgraded xchange library dependency. Make sure your extension uses same version.
New Features:
Server: Custom strings can be now different for every language.
If custom string for specific language is not set - english is default.
Server: Ability to ban (US/Canada) customers by specific phone line type (restrict VOIP etc)
Server/Terminal: Added support for ALL fiat currency.
Server: Added BAT support for Coinbase.
Server: Added support for HBX
Server: Added support for VOLTZ
Server: Added rate source
Extensions: Resful services can now use custom SSL certificate.
Extensions: Refactored currency codes and banknote sizes.
Server: Added USD exchange
Server: Bitstamp library upgrade.
Server: Improved logging.
Server: Upgraded xchange library dependency
If you are using/developing your extensions please test this release with your extension
before deployment into production.
Server: Persons can be now deleted.
Terminal: Unknown currency icon is now vectorized.
Terminal: Don't display wallet QR code on No wallet screen when no URLs to wallet app is configured.
BATM3/RCKit: BRL currency can be now also dispensed.
BATM3/RCKit: Better logging of failed withdrawals.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed DASH library memory leak.
Server: Sell fee was not reported to when was set to 0%.
Server: Logfile time format now uses 24h format instead of 12h
Server: Fixed javascript escaping in admin
Server: Read only user couldn't use tags and analytics
Server: Watchlist scan didn't work when user was logged via url
Server: Fixed BAT support.
Server: $PAC crypto-settings were not saved.
BATM3/RCKit: Fixed RSD banknote thickness for cash dispenser.
Version 20190217:
New Features:
Extensions: ITransactionListener has now method isTransactionApproved allowing extension to approve/disapprove transactions.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed Bulgarian language translations.
Terminal: Light on/off crashed service sometimes.
Server: Sales were failing when sell hot-wallet was incorrectly set. Broken since 20190214.
Version 20190214:
New Features:
Terminal/Server: Added support for terminal registration number that can be displayed in top left corner.
Terminal/Server: Terminal can be configured to automatically restart
6 times in row if network connection is not present for more than 1 hour.
Server: Experimental two-way support for BitcoinCash.
Server: Experimental two-way support for Sumcoin.
Open Extensions: Any coin can now be implemented two-way.
See BitcoinCash example ( and
Server: Demo wallet is now supported for all crypto-currencies.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Anonymous identity couldn't be deleted.
Version 20190207:
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed fiat settings clearing when assigned to deleted terminal
Server: Fixed terminal duplication of new terminals.
Server: Fixed video upload permission for customer role.
Server: Upgraded dashj library.
Terminal: Italian language translation fixes.
Terminal: Bulgarian language translation fixes.
Version 20190204:
New Features:
Server: Added support for ANT - Aragon Network Token -
Server: Added ExtensionContext functions: findTransactionsByIdentityId, findAllIdentitiesByState, searchWatchList
Bug Fixes:
Server: exchange default withdraw priority is now HIGH (withdraw in 15mins).
Version 20190130:
New Features:
Server: Identities can be now exported in CSV.
Server: Added new role support Junior(doesn't see accounting sensitive information).
Server: Discount codes can now hold note to let operator write for example how and to who he distributed the code.
Server: Added possibility to delete users.
Server: Improved filtering terminals and articles by tag.
BATM3/RCKit: Sending receipt via email or SMS is now possible also on machines with printers.
Server: Database and CVS exports now contain more data such as fee set during the transaction, current exchange rate, etc.
Server: You can now set withdrawal priority on exchange via parameters: HIGH or LOW. LOW is default.
Server: Identities listing and search results are now separated into pages of 25 records.
Server: Identities listing displays now also number of transactions in last 3 months.
Server: Improved CAS pagination for lists with too many pages.
Server: Coinmarketcap ratesource can now contain api key.
Server/Terminal: Improved terminal upgrading mechanism.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed pagination when number of records had same number as page size.
Server: Fixed telegram bot exception handling, bitfinex deposit addr
Terminal: Fixed animation bug.
Terminal: Fixed CLOAK logo.
Terminal: On enter destination address screen small “paper card” now contains correct coin logo.
Terminal: Are you PEP question is now translated to EN, CZ and SK languages. And text is now visually centered.
Version 20190128:
Terminal: Improved terminal upgrading.
Server: Profit can be now set up to 100%.
Terminal/Server: Added support for BHD currency.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Changed hibernate version used by master service
Terminal: Fixed KWD currency accepting.
Terminal: Fixed paper-wallet only mode. Paperwallet was printed twice.
Terminal: Fixed epsilon character in font.
Terminal: Fixed Italian translation
Version 20190110:
New Features:
Server: Added possibility to set cash limit per Terminal per direction (Sell or Buy).
Server: Added server log rotation.
Server: batm-manage script now accept multiple serial numbers when upgrading terminals
Terminal: Raw QR code contains is written into event records when scanned on enter destination address screen.
Server: More efficient way that terminal upgrades are downloaded(package is downloaded from HQ just once).
Server: Added support for ETH on exchange.
BATM3/RCKit: Changed CHF banknote sizes for 10 and 20 CHF (for 2017+2018 series). Please use latest banknotes only.
Do not forget to notify us when you need to change support for 100 and 1000 CHF in 2019 when banknotes enter circulation.
Server: Improved Kraken exchange error handling.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed BCH Bitstamp withdraw.
Server: Fixed logging some lines twice
Server: Fixed Chinese and Norwegian language translations.
Server: Fixed NPE in transactionInfoSellCryptoInternal.
Server: Ping times were not correctly set when terminal was in error state.
BATM3/RCKit: Fixed dispenser name.
Version 20181219:
New Features:
Terminal/Server: Added ability to reject Politically Exposed Persons when buying or selling coins.
Server/BATM3: Added support for KWD currency
BATMTwo: Added support for printer.
Server: Tags are now per organization.
Server: Read server restore password on the beginning of restoration process.
Server: Cashbox analytics now work with tags.
Server: Identities searched by phone via telegram do not need to contain country code prefix any more.
Server: Blockable organizations
BATM3/RCKit: Display toast when new wallet is getting printed.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed Turkish translation.
Server: Allow hashtag in MySQL server password
Server: Fixed identity error when opening some identities.
Server: Fixed wallet support for HitBTC exchange.
BATM3: Printer status fix.
Version 20181214:
New Features:
Server: Added telegram command "info terminals" - to display status of terminals.
Server: Added telegram command "info balances" - to display balances of crypto configurations.
Server: Added telegram command "info idenitityid/phonenumber" - to display detail about identity.
Server: Added CashBox analytics - server can now tell you how much cash is or was in the terminals at any given time.
Server: Telegram command "info remoteTransactionid" now displays also properly error codes and identity id.
Server: Terminal name is now displayed in headers on more pages.
Server: Emails sent to customers by server have now "Reply-To" address set from Organization if filled.
Server: Added payment method parameter for Coinbase exchange
Extensions: Added method to find identities by phonenumber or id into IExtensionContext
Bug Fixes:
Server: When dispenser cassettes banknotes counts are set from admin no event record was stored on server.
Version 20181210:
New Features:
Server: Added EU sanction list
Server: Added Czech sanction list
Server: Added support for Terminal tagging. Terminals can be assigned and filtered by tags.
Server: Added telegram command info to provide information about transaction based on remote transaction id.
Terminal: Added Greek language support.
Server: Faster login into admin
Server: Better description of ip whitelisting
BATM3/RCKit: Added support for DOP currency dispensing.
Version 20181206:
Server: Display terminal name in header of page.
Terminal: Improved detection of acceptor and added error Acceptor not detected.
Server: Fixed Telegram notifications testing from admin.
Server/BATM3/RCKit: Receipts can be now delivered also by email or SMS.
Version 20181204:
New Features:
Server: Notifications can be now delivered via Telegram.
Extensions: You can now talk to extensions via Telegram. See ChatBotExtensionExample
Server: Coinbase ratesource now uses version 2 API. Coinbase switched off version 1 API.
Server: batm-install now checks if server has enough RAM(4GB) to operate product.
Server: CSV transaction exports now contain also Note.
Server: Database performance optimizations - added indexes.
Server: Added 2 bitcoin addresses blacklisted by OFAC.
Server: ratesource added.
Server: Unified implementation of Fix Price Resource for all crypto-currencies.
Server: More links in admin are clickable.
Terminal: Toast messages are now queued.
Extensions: Added identityPubllicId and discountCode into sellCrypto method
Extensions: Added findTerminalBySerialNumber to IExtensionContext
Bug Fixes:
Server: Database fixes. In IPC scenarios DB connections were not properly closed.
Server: PDF Invoice generation failed when some of the company information was missing.
Terminal: Terminal will not accept legacy bitcoincash address when scanning QR codes.
Terminal: Face-capture didn't save photo in multi-currency setup.
Version 20181129:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added support for Arabic language.
Terminal: Exchange rates on terminal screens are now updated and read from local cache.
Terminal: Added possibility to reset camera focus to a default value.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed exchange rates publishing to in case of invalid terminal settings or missing ratesource.
Server: Fixed database transaction handling (double-transaction) in sell transaction.
Server: Fixed NPE when sell transaction invoked from Extension fails.
Server: BitcoinPay support has been fixed. API changed over the time.
Version 20181127:
New Features:
Server: Added support for deleting users.
Server: Terminal application crashlogs can be sent automatically by email to GB developers.
To enable this feature create empty file by: touch /batm/app/master/server.telemetry
Telemetry doesn't transfer any privacy or accounting sensitive data.
Server: Exchange rates are now updated in cache faster from exchanges.
Server: Terms and conditions can have now more than 10000 characters.
Server: Increased admin session timeout from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
Server: url now contains also crypto currency. Useful in cases when one address exists in multiple networks.
Server: Added support for BCH explorer in admin.
BATM3/RCKit: "Withdrawal is not possible + reason" toast message text is now stored also in event logs on server
Terminal: Do not report change of server ip to default via crash logging mechanism.
Bug Fixes:
RCKit: Dispense card button on rckit now wont appear.
Server: Removed some FLASH coin rate sources as they don't exist any more.
Version 20181122:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Terminal can play fullscreen video in screensaver mode. Use skins functionality to upload video.
Terminal: Added support for Turkish language.
Server: Added support for BCH and LTC for rate source.
Server: Fixed compatibility with Bitcoind v0.17
POS/Server: Added support for ypub and Mtub.
BATM3/RCKit: Printer communication disconnect is now reported as error.
BATM3/RCKit: Do not offer printing paper wallets when machine is out of paper.
BATM3/RCKit: In cash collection mode 1 and 2 print receipt before clearing.
Extensions: ZIP paper wallet generation is now possible to generate from extension.
Billing: Added export of invoices as PDF.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed possible application crash on insert cash screen when rate source is not available
Terminal: Fixed possible application crash on buy coins error screen when server is not available.
Terminal: Acceptor communication disconnect is now reported as error on server.
Terminal: Added acceptor reconnect functionality when communication fails.
Terminal: GUI fixes. Some field text colors didn't reflect configuration settings.
Server: Fixed paperwallet generator for Bitcoincash.
Server: Fixed terminal offline notifications.
Server: extension now withdraws correct amount (including withdraw fee).
Extensions: Fixed compilation issues for external contributors.
Version 20181112:
New Features:
Server: Added support for MKR crypto-currency
Server: Added support for BAT crypto-currency
Server: Added support for REP crypto-currency
Server: Added custom string "sms_otp" to be able to set sms message text when delivering one time passwords to customers.
Server: Allow variables in SELL text notifications.
Server: List of identities is now pageable.
Server: Discount codes now also contain text notes (displayed only in admin).
Server: ERC20 gas limit calculation is now dynamic.
Server: Added links to for ETH addresses in transactions list.
BATM3: Added multi-currency support for recycler.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Database loading fixes.
Server: Fixed sell price publishing issue to
Terminal: Fixed exchange rate animation on terminal screen and resolved issue when exchange rates are missing when ratesource is not available.
Terminal: Fixed recognition of ethereum IBAN address format.
Terminal: Arrow on the screen pointing to selfie camera is now pointing to correct camera.
Terminal: Fixed BGL currency support. BGL currency is now interpreted as BGN.
Terminal: NFC reader initialization fix.
Version 20181106:
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed LTC private key recognition.
Extensions: Fixed error when calling terminal functions from extension on terminals with ip whitelisting enabled.
Version 20181105:
New Features:
Communication: To get quickly notified about new releases and other important information join our
GENERAL BYTES telegram channel
Extensions: Added EXPERIMENTAL support for ERC20 tokens.
Server: Added EXPERIMENTAL support for DAI crypto-currency
Terminal: Terminal "I Agree" can have a count down timer. Customer needs to wait specified amount of time before "I Agree" button is enabled.
To enable 10 seconds delay specify in terms_and_conditions custom string: "!10!Your custom text"
BATM3/RCKit: Bill dispenser now supports new 200 CHF banknote size. Please stop using old 200 CHF banknotes.
Server: Added support for ratesource for FTO currency.
Server: Added support for therocktrading exchange for BCH currency.
Server: YobitRateSource now support also BTC, LTC, MAX, DASH, LSK and DOGE.
Server: Bitcore address validator now conforms to new address format.
Cloud Billing: Increased time to expect payments to 2 hours.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: HR language fixes.
Server: Fixed customer registration (lazy loading issue)
Server: Removed Yahoo Finance and Cointraders rate source.
Version 20181026:
BATM3: Private key is read back from NFC card after it is written to it before dispensing.
Terminal: Flags on choose language screen are now pagable.
Server/Terminal: Added transaction_failed_additional_message custom string.
You can write there text that will be displayed to customer on Transaction Failed screen.
Terminal: Flag images are now improved.
Terminal: Buy altcoin messages now use name of crypto currency.
Terminal: Uptime in seconds is reported in terminal started event.
Terminal: Added support for ypub and Mtub.
BATM3/RCKit: Warn user when cashboxes information is not saved.
BATM3: Added warning about NFC cards running low.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Removed support for btc-e exchange.
Server: Removed support for CoinKite.
Server: Monerod wallet didn't work when you had multiple accounts.
Extensions: Fixed classloading issue of REST services.
Version 20181017:
New Features:
Extensions: Extensions can now easily expose RESTFul services.
For more information read here:
Extensions: Extensions can now detect server version via IExtensionContext
Extensions: Added ability to create sell transaction from extension via IExtensionContext
Extensions: Added ability to obtain terminal cash information from extension via IExtensionContext
Extensions: Added ability to obtain terminal exchange rates from extension via IExtensionContext
Extensions: Added ability to list terminals and their locations via IExtensionContext
Server: Added support for CloakCoin cryptocurrency
Server: Monero wallet fixed compatibility with Monero
Server: Added support for EUR, GBP, JPY on Bitfinex exchange and rate source.
Terminal: Terminal can now scan XMR subadresses
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Improved QR code scanning when invalid QR code is present.
Terminal: Corrected Russian language translations.
Terminal: Corrected Croatian language translations.
Server: Web admin error page improvements.
Server: Jersey & Guernsey added into list of countries on server.
Version 20181010:
New Features:
Terminal: Added support for dispensing AED currency.
Terminal: Changed position of clear cashboxes button.
Terminal: Display South African flag for english language when ZAR currency is used.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Corrected detection of CAS server port.
Version 20181008:
New Features:
Server: Added support for $PAC crypto currency
Server/Terminal: Improved currency logo resolution on welcome screen.d
Server: Added support for BCH for exchange.
CortexPay: Improved scanning of QR codes when cloning wallets.
CortexPay: Adjusted minimum tx fee.
Extensions: Extensions can now create tasks.
Extensions: Payment support API refactored.
Extensions: SVG currency logos are now supported.
Bug Fixes:
BATM3/RCKit: All languages flags didn't fit on screen correctly.
Version 20181002:
New Features:
Server: Added support for Estonian language
Server: Database performance improvements.
Server: Added GBP, SGD, AUD, CZK, CAD and CNY support for Coinbase exchange.
Server: Sumcoin bech32 addresses support.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed possible error 500 while exporting CSV.
Server: Fixed Romanian language translation.
Server: Fixed Croatian language translation.
Version 20180930:
Server: Upgraded DASH library to respect required protocol upgrade.
Server: Added ability to blacklist two-way support for currency. For example for LTC by creating file /batm/config/blacklist_LTC
Server: Ability do blacklist two-way support by creating file in /batm/config/
Bug Fixes:
Server: LISK address validator fix
Server: Patched Bitstamp library with fixed withdrawal issue.
Version 20180921:
IMPORTANT: Please perform backup before this upgrade. See ./batm-manage backup command. Nothing should happen, but better be safe than sorry.
New Features:
Server: Added support for Zcoin crypto currency
Server: Added support for Linda crypto currency
Server: Improved caching of exchange rates on server.
Server: Added database indexes for faster database response times. Please perform backup before this upgrade.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Include into analytics calculations also transactions that deliver coins to customer but fail afterwards on exchnage
Server: Fixed possible database deadlock.
Server: Fixed virtual terminal API - broken since 20180913.
Version 20180917:
New Features:
Server: Added support for LISK crypto currency
Server: Added support for ANON crypto currency
Server: Added USDT rate source.
Bug Fixes:
POS: Fixed SSL issue.
BATM3: Fixed NXP NFC card reading - added padding.
Version 20180913:
Important Security Fixes:
Server: New version of https server that serves terminals - CVE-2018-12536, CVE-2017-7658, CVE-2017-7657, CVE-2017-7656
New Features:
Terminal: Welcome screen can now contain unlimited number of coins thanks to added paging.
POS: Articles on POS can be now tagged to enable better filtering in reports.
Server/BATM3: Added signalization of paper low and paper refill.
Server: Added admin service URL auto-detection.
Server: Optimized configuration parsing.
Server: Improved TLS error signalization.
Bug Fixes:
BATM3/RCKit: Fixed cash dispensing when 2 cassettes had same denomination set and banknotes count was running low or some banknotes were rejected.
Server: Coins with space in name of coin symbol were not supported.
Terminal: Fixed camera QR code scanning loop eating CPU cycles.

Version 20180820:
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: JEP banknotes were not accepted by terminal due to acceptor firmware reporting wrong currency (CIP).
Server/Terminal: Ignore invalid character ',' in serial number.
Server: exchange LTC sending and deposits didn't work.
Version 20180814:
New Features:
Server: JAVA8 on server is now required. Otherwise your server will be broken. Use "./batm-manage info" command to find out what version of java you have.
Server/Terminal: Added support for Jersey (JEP) currency.
Server/Terminal: Added support for Scottish pound (ECO) currency.
Terminal: Added possibility to make QR code on receipt/ticket from any variable. Use qr(variablename)
Server/BATM3: Added possibility to dispense NFC card only after providing fingerprint matching existing identity
Server: 3rd parties can now implement 2-way support for their coin using Extensions. Read more at
BATM3: Card dispenser firmware version is now written into event log when dispensing card.
Server/Terminal: New authentication scheme. Terminals now generate their own client certificates when talking to server.
Server/Terminal: Paper wallets now contain also crypto-currency symbol.
Terminal/POS: Updated DASH logo.
Bug Fixes:
Server: exchange now supports also LTC.
Server: Added missing jquery-mousewheel support.
Server: ITransactionListener.onTransactionUpdated wasn't called.
Server: Password reset urls now contain correct https port.
Server: Identity approval url links didn't work(error 500).
Server: Fixed null pointer exception when selling coins.
Server: Ethereum wallets were not backed up.
Server: Quadriga exchange implementation was not respecting required 2 seconds sleep periods between calls.
Version 20180801:
New Features:
Server: Added option to search for transaction by transaction id from top bar
Server: Added face capture - Terminal can now collect photo of customer every transaction and store it on server (must be enabled on server in terminal settings)
Server: Added support for HitBTC exchange
Server: Added Electra coin
Server: Added support for custom transaction values on tickets returned by extension for more information read ITransactionListener.onTransactionCreated();
Terminal: Added Armenian language support
Terminal: Added support for NXP NFC card reading (not writing)
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Bulgarian language translation corrections.
Server: ./batm-manage send payment was incorrectly forwarding LTC when destination address started with M.

Version 20180719:
Bug Fixes:
Server: It wasn't possible to create terminals on server.
Version 20180718:
New Features:
Server: Coinbase exchange now supports also ETH and LTC
Server: Extensions can now send email and SMSes
Server: Extensions are now notified when transaction is created or updated
Server: Added exchange support
Server: Added
Terminal: Display message when invalid ETH address is scanned.
Terminal: Display Buy and Sell exchange rates in screen saver and other screens
Server: DOGE coin formatting on server improved.
Server: Define order of coins on screen by drag and drop in terminal configuration on server.
Server: Accept generated M addresses for Litecoin
Server: Added Bitgo logging.
Server: State province is now reported also to
Bug Fixes:
Server: Terminal Info and HW info stored differently
Server: Fixed Ethereum address checksum validation (thanks goes to Coinfinity)
BATM3: Do not drop NFC cards on the floor.

Version 20180709:
New Features:
Server: Added support for Bitsend BSD
Server: Added support for Bitcloud BTDX
Server: Added support for Megacoin BTDX
Server: Added support for Bitcoin Private BTCP
Server: Added support for Sumcoin
Server: Added support for BitGo Express wallet.
Terminal: Removed support for legacy addresses in Bitcoin Cash
Terminal: Added redeem ticket validity time on redeem ticket.
Terminal: Code is now compiled with D8.
Server: Code is now compiled for Java 8.
Server: SmartCash improvements.
Server: Futurocoin improvements.
Server: Added BCH support for Bitstamp exchange
Bug Fixes:
Server: Ratesource fiat currency for sell was read from buy ratesource.
Server: In AML10 - refuse customers when both names match. "Gutiérrez problem".
Server: Minimum and Maximum satoshi per byte wasn't saved properly.
Server: Blockchain height could be interpreted incorrectly when block explorer returns -1
Server: POS Article reports fixed.
Terminal: Fixed italian translations.
Version 20180627:
New Features:
Terminal: Added Bulgarian language.
Terminal: Added Macedonian language.
BATM3/RCKit: Added HRK and PLN support for cash dispenser.
Server/Terminal: Added support for VND fiat currency.
Server: Rate source Not Available notification is not sent every 4 hours when rate source is not available.
Server: POS improvements.
Server: Future Coin improvements.
Terminal: Buttons skinning refactored.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed Spanish translation.
Server: BitFlyer identity checking fix.
Version 20180619:
New Features:
Server: Added SYS crypto-currency
Server: GDPR functions 2/2: Identity and person data get anonymized automatically when not used for more than 10 years.
Anonymization is possible to invoke manually when customer asks for it.
Automatic anonymization needs to be enabled on organization. No action is required if you are US operator.
Server/Terminal: Added HRK,UYU,SAR and KES currency support for cash dispenser.
Terminal: Added Gibberish detector when filling first name and last name in AML type 10.
Server: Added grep function into LogViewer.
Server: Improved coinmarketcap ratesource.
Server: Added LTC support for
Bug Fixes:
Server: Master.log had root permissions preventing logging.

Version 20180607:

New Features:
Server: Added Behavioral analytics. See which screens and how often are visited by your customers.
Server/Terminal: Added AMD currency.
Server/Terminal: Added MKD currency.
Server/Terminal: Added MYR currency.
Server/Terminal: Added BCH address format support.
Server: Faster Ether wallet generator.
Server: Terminal offline notification can be now specified in minutes. Before it was one hour.
Server: Added ETH support for bitstamp exchange.
Server: Added BCH support for coinbase wallet.
Server: xchange library dependency version changed from 4.2.1 to 4.2.3. Make sure your custom extensions are also upgraded.
Terminal/Server: Allow terminal display counters even when terminal is marked as not active
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed withdraw error label (Fingerprint error)
Server: Kraken exchnage parameters didn't fit into DB field
Server: Identity approver search didn't work
Server: AML & KYC type 10 didn't work when customer was already registered.
Server: Registration emails didn't work when customers were registering only with email.

Version 20180529:
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed NPE error when converting Litecoin refund address.

Version 20180528:
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed directory ownership permissions that prevent terminal upgrade. Broken in 20180525.

Version 20180525:
New Features:
Server: Added Futurocoin - support.
Server: GDPR functions part 1/2. Personal information manipulation is tracked in audit log.
Also possibility to export identity data was added.
Terminal: Banknote dispenser improvements.
Terminal: Added support for 10GBP polymer dispensing.
Version 20180517:
New Features:
Server: Added DigiByte - support.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed Japanese and German translations.
Version 20180514:
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed crashing list of transactions (broken since 20180510)
Version 20180510:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added OFAC checking in AML Type 10.
Terminal: Fixed German language translation.
Server: Identity now contains also information about document type and document validity to.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed invoice payments.
Version 20180507:
New Features:
Server: Added support for DASH InstantSend for terminal withdrawals (Make sure you have riskbox set higher than transaction amount)
POS: Added support for DASH InstantSend payments.
Version 20180430:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added support for KES currency
Version 20180427:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added support for ISK currency
Server/Terminal: Added support for UYU currency
Version 20180426:
Important Bug Fix:
Server: Added support for M addresses on server for Litecoin network. Please upgrade if you use Litecoin sell feature.
Version 20180423:
New Features:
Terminal: Added support for factory reset. Press S2 button on motherboard while being on error screen.
Server/Terminal: New via coin logo
RCKit: Improved printer detection.
Server/Terminal: Added customizations
Bug Fixes:
BATM3/RCkit: Fixed cashbox contains printing.
Version 20180413:
New Features:
Server: Added support for Flashcoin (
Server: Added support for SmartCash (
Bug Fixes:
BATM2: Flags on language screen didn't fit in properly
Version 20180410:
New Features:
Terminal/Server: Added support for Taiwanese language.
Server: Remove duplicated extensions records if occur during customer's extension development.
Server: Added detailed logging for services (Wallet and Exchange)
Terminal: Refactored printing service to support printer auto-detection.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Portuguese translation fixes.
Server: Do not allow to change crypto currency in crypto settings when crypto setting is already assigned to some terminal.
Version 20180404:
New Features:
Terminal: Added possibility to set static IP on terminal.
Terminal: Display bill dispenser version in terminal administration (if bill dispenser was used)
Bug Fixes:
Server: Printing monero paper wallet didn't work.
Server: Incorrect VIP limits calculation. VIP limits didn't override standard limits.
Version 20180402:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added experimental support for Monero (monerod-rpc-wallet).
Server: './batm-manage info' prints out also Java version information
Bug Fixes:
Terminal/Server: Fixed terminal crashes when server sends invalid data (broken since 20180331).
Version 20180331:
New Feature:
Terminal: If word "datasaving" occurres in special_configuration custom string then:
ATM uses 3x less data because it pings ATM server only every 15s (instead of 5s)
Server/Terminal: Added support for SAR currency
Server/Terminal: Added support for TRY currency
BATM2: Welcome screen now displays multiple coins. "Choose altcoin" screen no longer exists. All coins are now equal.
Server: Coinmarketcap ratesource now supports USD and EUR fiat market.
Server: One unresponsive exchange rate source should not be able to block other terminals/rate sources.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed BTX rate source.
Terminal: Fixed Georgian language translation.
Version 20180322:
New Features:
BATM3/RCKit: Added support for TWD currency for dispensing.
Server: Added support for BitCore (BTX) coin
Terminal: Added support for Portuguese language
Server: Invoices now display also history of payment addresses and transactions.
BATM3: Shortened dispensing time
Bug Fixes:
BATM3/RCKit: Fixed EUR thickness to lower number of rejected banknotes while dispensing cash.
Server: Video upload didn't work in Firefox
Server/Terminal: Total cash collection amount was incorrectly calculated when multiple fiat currencies are enabled.
Version 20180319:
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed Java7 compatibility.
Server: Fixed jocket library memory leak.
Version 20180314:
Bug Fixes:
Server: SMS messages were sent but returned error.
Server: Fixed JS error when testing GB API key
Server: Fixed typos
Version 20180308:
New Features:
Server: Added ability to set optionally minimum and maximum mining fee per byte for forwarding transactions.
BATM2/BATM3: HWTester Wi-Fi improvement.
Server: Server is now publishing also Flat fee and Minimum buy/sell amount to
Server: Terminal can be now deleted multiple times. Previously could be deleted only once.
Terminal: Added support for MXN dispensing.
Server: Customer role can now create Persons.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Transaction limit on ETH address didn't work
Server: Admin log viewer fixes.
Server: DB index fix on crypto-settings.
Server: Mobile wallet settings in crypto settings were not copied when duplicating.
Server: Cash limit per crypto address now applies only to anonymous transactions. Previously applied for all levels.
Server: Fixed transaction size calculation for BTC, LTC, DASH
Terminal: On some screens was displayed "buy bitcoin" instead of "buy altcoin"
Terminal: Logo on Welcome screen has now fixed size.
Terminal/Server: Cash collection total was counted incorrectly when multiple fiat currencies was present.
Terminal: Fixed MXN/MXP currency recognition.
Terminal: Maximum number of lines in welcome text is now set.
BATM3/RCKit: When only one altcoin was enabled sell functionality was not available.
BATM3: Fixed RON banknotes dispensing (transparent window issue)
Version 20180202:
Server: Depth of the market used for rate calculation is now 2BTC for Coinmate Exchange
Bug Fixes:
Server: Sell transactions were not forwarded since 20180131 due to bug computing low mining fee.
Version 20180201:
Bug Fixes:
Server/Terminal: Fixed DASH sell and NFC support. DASH two-way support is now fully functional.
Version 20180131:
New Feature:
Server/Terminal: Added support for GTQ currency.
Terminal: Display fixed fee on display and ticket as separate amount.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Identities are sorted by modification date and can be approved by user form different organization
Server: Don't mark sell transaction as TIMED-OUT when transaction ARRIVED.
Version 20180125:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added support for THB currency
Server: Added Dash Demo wallet and exchange
Bug Fixes:
Server: ZAR denominations were not complete.
BATM3/RCKit: Fixed DASH redeem ticket.
Version 20180123:
New Features:
CortexPay: It is now possible to buy coins on POS too.
Server/Terminal/POS: Added experimental 2-way support for DASH
BATM2: BATMTwo now supports NFC card reader.
Terminal/Server: Added support for UAH currency
Terminal/Server: Added support for CRC currency
Terminal/Server: Added support for GEL currency
Terminal/Server: Added support for ZAR currency
Terminal/Server: Recommended wallets can now be specified per crypto-currency
Terminal: Added support for Ukrainian language
Terminal: Added support for Georgian language
Terminal: Added support for Latvian language
CortexPay: Payment method now has also a number. Helpful on noisy places such as disco.
CortexPay: POS now has a new menu for functions.
Server: CoinMarketCap rate source now supports more crypto currencies.
Server: Added support as LTC wallet. has now also amount conversion for LTC.
BATM2/RCKit: Enable wallet balance checking also for LTC on BATMTwo and RCKit.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Corrected serbian UI translation
Server: The option for enabling/disabling 2FA was not displayed for users with "read-only" permissions
Server: Identities could not get approved by user from different organization than is the terminal.
Server: Coinbase exchange withdrawing didn't work.
POS: Don't display NFC card private key on choose payment method when card is tapped.
Server: ./batm-manage send payment didn't work for LTC and DASH addresses.
Server: Auto reconnecting to DB didn't work.
Server: Video upload limit fixed (15MB max).
Server: Server forwards funds to originating address rather than invalid payments address when wrong amount is sent.

Version 20171116:
New Features:
Server: Added full backup and restore in batm-manage command. Everything is now backed up including application, database, identity data and more.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed fingerprint registration. Broken since 20171101.
Server: Fixed terminal upgrades in docker environment.
Server: Notifications were not sent if person was from different organization then terminal.
Server: Exchange settings were not displayed in case of BCH.
Version 20171110:
New Features:
Server: Added support for Fiat settings. ATM can now refuse to accept certain banknote denominations.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Removed Yahoo Finance rate source (Yahoo no longer offers this as free service)
Server: Fixed Skin uploading

Version 20171102:
Important Fix:
Server: Yahoo Finance shutted down their exchnage rate provider service.
Please upgrade to this version that uses different provider for fiat to fiat conversion calculations
Version 20171101:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added support for Bitcoin Cash
Server: Added support for BCH to Quadriga and Kraken
Server: Added support for containerized (docker) environment [based on patches contributed by]
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed support for Quadriga API v2.
Server: Fixed support for Coinbase Exchange.
Server: Reset of password via web admin didn't work.
Server: Fixed selecting of crypto currency in cryptosettings.

Version 20171027:
BATM3/RCKit: Added support for HKD dispensing
Bug Fixes:
Server: Customer enrolled URL in SMS didn't work when user wasn't logged to admin server.
Server: List of persons wasn't correctly loaded from correct organizations in notifications.

Version 20171025:
Server: It is now possible to edit note in cash collections
Server: Display more descriptive terminal errors on server (i.e.: terminal ip not whitelisted)
Bug Fixes:
Server: Withdraw transactions were not listed in list of transactions (broken since 20171023)

Version 20171023:
New Features:
Server: It is possible to set individual transaction limits on each identity.
Server: List of transactions and analytics are filterable by cryptocurrency
Server: added ./batm-manage unban-ip ipaddress command
Bug Fixes:
BATM3: Terminal didn't enter screensaver mode
Server: User password reset link didn't contain correct url.
Server: Added LTC+CAD support to QuadrigaCX
Version 20171009:
New Features:
BATM3: If ATM has more cryptocurrencies configured then welcome screen has coins on home page and not under altcoins button as in previous versions.
BATM3: Added crypto to cash direction support for Litecoin - Yes, finally!
Server: Added Litecoin demo wallet.
Server: Added support for DASH on Kraken exchange
BATM3: Printer test now prints also serial number and terminal sw version.
POS: Litecoin tipping is now working on POS.
POS: Bitcoin tipping in now turned off due to high mining fee related to the forwarding transaction.
Terminal: Timeout to scan code on enter destination address is now 2 minutes (before it was 1 minute)
Bug Fixes:
Server: Litecoin transaction forwarding mining fee was 0.002 instead of 0.001.
Server: New rules were not saved in notification policy
RCKit: SELL button state (show/hide) wasn't updated on RCKit.
BATM2: BATM2 should not ask for sell rate.
BATM3: Fixed NFC crashes.
Version 20171002:
New Features:
Server: Customer Enrolled notification now contains clickable link for faster identity approval.
Server: Notifications now don't have editable fields which are not used.
BATM3/RCKit: Dispenser firmware version is written into events.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Do not request exchange sell rate if machine is BATM2 when pinging.
Terminal: Display exchange rates in groups in screensaver.
Version 20170918:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added support for Hungarian language.
Server/Terminal: Added support for RUB currency.
Terminal: Improved French translation.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Added clue for installing missing curl.
BATM3: Printer USB driver initialization didn't work correctly(conflict with card dispenser).
BATM3/RCKit: In some languages alternative english message "Touch screen to start" was missing.
Terminal: CHOOSE LANGUAGE is now written only in english language.
Version 20170915:
Terminal: Australian flag is now displayed for english language when AUD is a main currency
Bug Fixes:
Server: Upgrading terminals from admin didn't work
Server: Ethereum Geth wallet bug fixes
Server: fixes (btw: exchange removed withdrawal functions from API).
Version 20170912:
New Features:
Server: It is possible to report issue/feature request from server admin.
Server: It is possible to send server logs from server admin
Server: It is now possible to duplicate notification policy
Server: Server now warns you if you try to upgrade terminals before server.
Terminal: Ethereum logo wasn't visible on dark colored backgrounds.
Server/Terminal: You can now set your own message instead of "Buy Bitcoins!".
Bug Fixes:
Server: Wallet had to be configured even for strategies where is not required.
BATM2: Camera was detected only in some of the USB ports.
Version 20170907:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added support for
Server: Faster login on Digital Ocean due to different source of random entropy
Bug Fixes:
Server: Ethereum Geth wallet support is working again + help section was improved. Please read it.
Terminal: Fixed GBP to GIP
Terminal: Don't crash terminal application when customer doesn't fill ticket template.
Server: Added rate limiting on Bitfinex
Server: Invoices are now marked as failed when incorrect amount is received.

Version 20170904:

New Features:
Terminal: Added Norwegian language
Server: Logs for support are now sent via FTP and automatically added to support conversation
Server: Added HKD currency support
Terminal: Improved Spanish translation
Version 20170830:
New Features:
Server: Added possibility to change user's password via batm-manage command.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed 2FA dialog canceling
Version 20170828:
New Features:
Server: Added 2FA support.
Server: Added support for GIP and PHP currencies
Version 20170821:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added support for Slovenian language
Server/Terminal: Added support for HUF currency
Server: List of terminals should now load faster.
Bug Fixes:
BATM2: Due to high number of languages some flags were missing language names.
Version 20170817:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Added support for PEN currency.
Terminal: Spanish has now Peru flag when PEN is used.
Terminal: Added Serbian language
Terminal: Added Lithuanian language
Server: BTC price is calculated from depth of market on 5 BTC for following exchanges: BitFlyer, Bitstamp, Coinfloor, Coinmate, Cointrader, Kraken, The RockTrading, Bitfinex.
Server: It is now possible to disable address global blacklist (default is ON)
Terminal: French language has Quebec flag when CAD is enabled.

Version 20170811:
New Features:
Server: It is now possible to also delete terminals.
Server: Added user role for support. Same as read only user + it can see logs.
Server: IP addresses are now banned only when at least username matches.
Server: Server now uses different e-mail service for sending notifications.
Server/Terminal: Terminal now displays specific error message when whitelisted ip doesn't match
Server: Added ability to turn off ip address white listing.
Server: Resetting user's password now alsop unbans user's ips
Version 20170808:
New Features:
Server: CAS user's IP address gets banned after 4 unsuccessful logins.
Server: Server now whitelists terminal's IP after first connection with terminal.
Server: Added support for sending password reset links.
Server: Added more scam addresses to black-listed addresses
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed not working email sending/email notifications.
Server: Discount code error was displayed when entering discount code in some cases.
Server: Don't display warnings when executing mysql database commands.
Version 20170801:
New Features:
Server: Added support for new Coinbase wallet API (v2) which supports BTC+LTC+ETH.
Server/Terminal: Added support for displaying maintenance message to customer when terminal is marked as not active.
Terminal: Terminal now displays exact error instead of just "No Internet"
Server: Display that license is not valid when upgrading with deactivated license.
Server: More intuitive way on how to disable each KYC/AML group.
Server: Coinbase ratesource now supports LTC and ETH
Server: Upgraded XChange libraries to 4.2.1
Bug Fixes:
Server: Display only skins of the organization of the logged in user.
Server: Fixed bitfinex connector (trade id was higher then integer range)
Version 20170720:
New Features:
Server: Added possibility to blacklist crypto currency addresses.
Server: Added ETH and LTC support to QuadrigaCX
Server: Added exchange strategy: Receive coins to the Hot Wallet. After that, sell same amount on the Exchange.
Server: Improved log viewer in admin.
Server: Admin log is now also viewable via web
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fingerprint registrations were failing.
Version 20170713:
Server: Make links to litecoin addresses also clickable in list of transactions.
Server: Improved log navigation in browser.
Bug Fixes:
Server: It was impossible to reject unregistered identities.
Server: Ethereum help now contains couple of fixes that reflect newer version of geth
BATM3/RCKit: Customers were not receiving withdrawal ready SMSes
Terminal: PLN currency wasn't accepted on MEI bill acceptors.
Version 20170630:
New Features:
Server: Added ability view and search server log from web admin (only for administrators)
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed bitstamp LTC withdrawing
Server: Fixed incorrectly calculating sell amount.
Server: Fixed few cases when sell transaction wasn't forwarded due to incorrect rounding.
Version 20170619:
Server: Added support for LTC on
Server: Only entities that can be deleted have delete button.
Server: Added possibility to duplicate cryptosettings
Bug Fixes:
Server: Exchange Buy test failed for Kraken exchange when no fiat was deposited in past.
BATM3/RCKit: Fixed text label "Chosen amount:" when choosing sell amount.
Server: Fixed day picker
Server: Fixed discount codes null pointer exception
Server: Fixed publishing to HQ of terminal price and location functionality when terminal had more than one location
Server: Fixed missing images in ethereum help
Server: Fixed floating point error when checking balance in DASH and similar currencies via RPC.
Server: Fixed generating seed when new server is installed.
Terminal: Sometimes it is possible to insert more cash than is allowed.
Version 20170609:
New Features:
Server: Added ability to duplicate crypto settings
Server: Added More logging when sending identity info
Server: Now all of the notifications contain serial numbers.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed few typos.
Server: Customer transaction volumes were incorrectly calculated
Server: Identity approving didn't work for identity approver.
Server: Discounts are not listed on server when some of the discounts doesn't have fiat currency set
Version 20170606:
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed QR code scanning of altcoins: Mainly DASH
Server: Fixed web admin errors when user forgets to enter timezone.
Version 20170602:
New Features:
Server: Added ability to set fix fee per transaction in addition to percentage
Server: Added notification when short counters are cleared
Server/Terminal: Added TWD, NOK, NZD, DOP, RSD, INR, KZT currency support.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Provide machines with recycler same firmware as for acceptors
Server: Send payment command line tool wasn't working.
Server: private key wallet didn't work
Server: Under some circumstances it wasn't possible to edit terminal on server.
Terminal: Altcoin QR code addresses were not scanning.
Version 20170531:
New Features:
Server/Terminal: Discount codes support (customer can now use discount codes to get better fee).
Server/CortexPay: LTC is now supported also for receiving payments.
Server: List of crypto currency settings is displaying more details.
Server: Minimum banknote is now per cryptocurrency (moved from terminal settings to crypto settings)
Server: Exchange rate "updated at" is now displayed also in terminal's time on server.
Server: Shortcut to terminal's list of transactions
Server: Sprites are now filterable by organization
Bug Fixes:
Server: When rate source is not available balance was not cleared.
Server: Error was displayed when analytics button was pressed when no terminal was created on server.
Server: When error transaction is manually resolved information is sent to Coinnections.
Server: Fixed timezone exception.
Version 20170522:
Bug Fixes:
BATM3/RCKit: Show upgrade acceptor button also on rckit and batm3.
BATM3/RCKit: Fixed occasional crash when redeeming ticket
Terminal: Fixed race-condition crash when no exchange rate is available.
Version 20170520:
New Features:
Server: Installer now supports Java 8 and Ubuntu 16.04+
Terminal: Updated Slovak language translation - many translations are missing.
Terminal: Updated Czech language translation.
Server: Added buy exchange strategy 5 - Send coins to a customer from Exchange without purchase on exchange.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: QR code scanning didn't work for Altcoins: LTC, ETH...
Version 20170511:
New Features:
BATM3/RCKit: It is now possible to withdraw cash by scanning private key on paper wallet
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Option do not print buy tickets
Terminal: Application was crashing after scanning of XPUB.
Terminal: Exchange rate wasn't updated in screensaver on welcome screen when only one fiat currency was set up on machine.
Server: Identity querying worked always even when it was disabled on terminal.
Server: Cash collection feature was missing in BATMTwo settings on server.
Version 20170428:
Server: Identity searching is now improved.
Server: Transaction limits are calculated from midnight on terminals that are deployed at location that is on US soil.
Server: Errors in events are now written in text from instead of error number.
Terminal: Labels in insert cash were shifted to make place for discounts.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Identity querying didn't work GB hosted server since 20170421.
Server: Include all buy transactions into transaction limits. (Also the ones that finished with error).
Version 20170421:
Bug Fixes:
Server: SMS Notifications were not sent.
Server: Under some circumstances SMSes were not sent.
Server/Terminal: Voip phone numbers were not restricted on unregistered level.
Terminal: Camera focus preview in Andministration didn't work since 20170406
Version 20170419:
New Features:
Terminal: Added support for MEI bill acceptor firmware upgrade.
BATM3: Added support for eGalax touch screen.
Server: Added Billing for SMS.
Terminal/Server: Missing NFC cards in machine are now reported.
Server: It is possible to jump from Terminal to cryptosettings.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Exchange rate wasn't updating in screensaver mode.
Server: Could not create new Person on server.
Server: DB connection wasn't automatically closed when terminal was asking for wallet balance.
Server: Fixed blockchain height watching - it was too slow.
Version 20170406:
New Features:
Server: Hosted customers get warning about unpaid invoices.
Server: Improved thread logging.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Do not download OFAC twice on server's start
Server: Fixed some cases in which thread didn't close the connection.
Server: Fixed acceptor firmware sending from server.
Version 20170404:

Server: Notification policies, locations, persons, users, poses are now also filterable by organization
Server: User needs to type new password twice to get it changed (protection against typo in password)
Terminal: Improved QR code scanning speed
POS: Forwarded transactions with multiple outputs are now optimized on size
Bug Fixes:
Server: Virtual terminal's AML limits are now back in settings.
Server: Server was sending SMS multiple times when payment timed out.
Terminal: Exchange rate scrolling sometimes stopped.

Version 20170330:
New Features:
Server: Analytics are now available across all terminals.
Terminal/Server: Added possibility to add custom screensaver message
Terminal: Added vietnamese language
Server: Incoming sell transactions are now watched for 3 days (refunds are possible even after 3 days)
Bug Fixes:
Server: It is now possible to move identity from Not Registered state Rejected state.
Server: Coinnections now receive information about sell at the moment of withdrawal.
Terminal: Scrolling of exchange rates stopped scrolling when language was changed.
Version 20170317:
New Features:
Server: Terminals can now have nicknames - you will always see nickname next to the terminal's serial number.
Server: Added better logging of transaction limits.
Server: Buy and Sell crypto settings are now divided into separate tabs so it doesn't confuse BATMTwo users.
Server: Only terminal settings relevant for given model are now displayed.
Server: Added support for generating paper wallets for TKNCoin
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed compatibility with Ubuntu 14.04.5 (Removed JVM param -XX:+UseCompressedOops)
Server: Analytics now doesn't use server time but terminal time.
Version 20170310:
Server: Analytics - charts now have totals in tooltips and fiat currency in amounts.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed creation cryptoconfiguration
Version 20170309:
New Features:
Server: User interface of management of crypto currency settings was refactored so it should be more easy to switch from one setting to another on one or multiple terminals.
Bug Fixes:
BATM2C: Video on scan address is now removed until we find out why stopping the video blocks user clicking.
BATM2C: Video on check wallet balance is now removed until we find out why stopping the video blocks user clicking.
Server: Sell arriving sms was sent in some cases twice
Server: Sell successful notification wasn't sent when sell strategy was 1.
Version 20170306:
New Features:
- Server: Added terminal analytics - charts
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Not all transactions were reported to Coinnections extension
- Terminal: Application on terminal crashed, when customer registration was denied.
- Send payment from command line didn't work when there wasn't enough coins for fee and fee was dynamic
- BATMTwoC/BATM3C: Ethernet button is now hidden.
Version 20170220:
New Features:
- BATM2: Added support for AKAREL2 hardware platform.
- Server: Updated Jetty to latest stable version in attempt to fix top sockets being left in CLOSE_WAIT state.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Ping with invalid token can block database.
- Server: Fixed 0-confirmation corner case
Version 20170203:
- Server: Server now watches confirmations of incoming transaction in order to enable withdrawals.
- Server: Better displaying of related transaction when linking sell and withdrawal.
- Server: Displaying error page when error happens.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: POS couldn't download configuration when xpub was used.
- Server: Fixed db connection returning after SMS send
Version 20170128:
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Fixed publishing to HQ.
- Server: Fixed auto-finishing. When rate source wansn't available transaction ended up in endless loop.
Version 20170126:
New Features:
- Server/Terminal: Added support for auto-finishing buy transactions.
After 10 minutes server automatically completes buy transaction when somebody inserts cash and forgets to press buy bitcoins or internet goes down.
- Server/Terminal: Added support for accepting multiple cash currencies. For example EUR+USD+CAD.
Please note that you need to have firmware in bill acceptor that supports more currencies.
Also note that not all combinations of currencies are available.
- Server/Terminal: Added support for DASH crypto currency
- Server/Terminal: Added support for WDC crypto currency
- Server/Terminal: Added support for TKN crypto currency
- Server: Added support for exporting billing invoice items and sums of the amounts.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Fixed null pointer exception when executing buy order via virtual terminal API
- Server: Fixed closing of sidebar menu (now folder stays opened)
- Server: Fixed calendar widget.
- Server: Invalidated sell transactions are no longer calculated into the limits.
- Server: Fixed context menu size.
- Terminal: Fixed scanning of QR codes of alt coins.

Version 20170120:
New Features:
- Terminal: Added support for Modenero hardware.
- Server: Terminals can be now upgraded to the latest version by users from web interface.
- Server: Added notification that is fired when rate source is not providing price for more than 30min.
- Server: Updated support for Gulden coin.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Fixed menu scrolling.
- Server: Fixed not working OFAC checking broken in 20170104
- Server: Fixed invoicing in billing
- Server: Fixed send payment from command line.
- BATM3: Fixed CAD polymer dispensing on dispenser.
Version 20170104:
New Features:
- Server: If logged user on server has assigned person from US then dates and times are displayed in US format.
- Server: Added support for different US states on server
- Server/Terminal: Added support for TokenCoin.
- Server: Added support for limit per address.
- POS: Destination address can be specified as xpub
- BATM3/RCKit: Improved polymer banknotes dispensing from bill dispenser (20EUR,allAUD,5GBP)
- Terminal: Updated NL translation
- Server: Coinnections have now 3rd url parameter and communication is stored in events.
- Server: Amounts are now better formatted in notifications
- Server: In list of identities are now displayed also names of identities.
- Server: Added tooltips on terminal statuses
- Server: Fees on forwarding transactions are now dynamically calculated.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: IMPORTANT: Transaction limits were incorrectly calculated(monthly limit was used). Issue was introduced in 20161212.
- Server: Risk level evaluation didn't work on main server environment.
- Server: Fixed incompatibility with ( broke the api compatibility few weeks ago)
- Server: It is now possible to reject identity without refilling the identity's name etc.
- Server: Coinnections now receives cryptoAmt in correct format and null values are not sent

Version 20161212:

New Features:
- Terminal and Server: Added support for Kazakh language
- Server: Added initial support for Coinnections. How to enable Coinnections integration check help section on server.
- Server: Identity reject/approve messages are now per user.
- Server: Added robots.txt to prevent web indexing.
Bug Fixes:
- Terminal: Fixed crash when no AML is present. Introduced in 20161201.
- POS: Fixed NPE crash
- Server: Fixed import export db timeout.

Version 20161201:
New Features:
- Server: Added multiple lists of transactions (all, buy, sell...)
- Server: Added support for state for Canada and USA in identities and locations.
- BAMT3: Added Swiss mode for anonymous purchases (buy only on paper wallets)
- BATM3/RCKit: Added experimental 0-confirmation withdrawals (dangerous don't use yet)
- Server: Increased thread pool size to 100 threads.
- POS: Server ip can be set when admin key is scanned.
- Server: Updating fiat currency exchange rates is now much faster.
Bug Fixes:
- BATM3+: NFC scanning stopped working after sending transaction from card on machine.
- Server: API key wasn't saved when creating new organization.
- Server: DB Transaction wasn't committed when sell transaction timed out and sms was sent.
- Server: Fixed changing currency of balance when changing currency of the terminal was 0.
- Server: Removed withdrawal strategy nr 2.
- Terminal: Fixed "was sent" typos.

Version 20161121:

New Features:
- Extensions: Added DEX coin.
- Terminal: NFC card scan home screen added.
Bug Fixes:
- Extensions: Groestl coin image was too big
- Server: Server was sometimes sending 2 smses in sales process when sell offer timed out

Version 20161116:

New Features:
- Server: Added ratesource
- Terminal: Fixed CH flag (color and size)
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Sending SMS may produce database connection to return to pool after 900 seconds.
- Server: Number of available supply on exchange was incorrectly calculated from crypto not from fiat money
- Server: Cash allocation should work only when cash withdrawal strategy is 0.
- Terminal: QR code scanning is too slow or not working.

Version 20161110:
- Server: Added list of sell transactions that allocate cash for withdrawal.
- Server: Added possibility to allocate and deallocate sell transactions.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: GB API key is not mandatory now.
- Server: Fixed sending SMS via GB api from machines.

Version 20161109:

New Features:
- BATM3+: It is to possible now send bitcoins with NFC card when selling bitcoins.
- Server: Default forwarding mining fee increased to 0.0002 BTC (people were waiting for withdrawals for too long)
- BATM3/RCKit: Allocation of money for withdrawal. Banknotes are reserved for the customer's transaction (for 30days and until sell offer expires)
- Server: Added Yahoo finance rate source
- Added support for CHF and JPY
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Customers didn't receive SMS when they printed ticket but didn't send bitcoins
- Terminal: Screen background color was yellow after different language was set.
- Server: Removed bitcoin average ratesource - replaced with Yahoo finance. Older version of API not working and new version's free plan didn't allow support for multiple currencies.
- Server: Test SMS messages are now sent by organization on which SMS test is executed (not the user who executed test)
- Server: Custom strings are html escaped now. It caused layout issues.
Version 20161027:
New Features:
- Terminal and Server: Added support for Deutschschweiz language
- Terminal: Terms and conditions can be multilingual now. Different text based on chosen language
- BATM3 and RCKit: Added support for new 50 CHF banknote
- Server: POS article report is now more human readable/understandable.
- Terminal: Updated german language translations
- Server: Improved look on big wide screens
Bug Fixes:
- Terminal: Terms and condition button did not have correct color when language was changed.
- Server: Fixed exchange multiple api keys support.
- Server: SMS were not sent when you run your own server - broken since 20161019
- Server: Sprites and videos were stored into wrong directory
- Server: password parameter fields didn't work when copypasting my mouse.
- RCKit: NFC card options were displayed on RCKit.

Version 20161021:
New Features:
Server and Terminal: Server can refuse to accept cash if operator doesn't have enough coins in wallet or fiat on exchange.
BATM3+: NFC card can be now dispensed also without need of customer providing his cell phone number.
Bug Fixes:
Server: SMS were not sent when approving/rejecting identity and when testing sms sending via web interface
Server: First login of new user on server always showed error page after login.
Server: Fixed invalid dropbox links on videos
BATM3: Fixed issue with printer configuration not being correctly written on the data partition.

Version 20161019:

From this release SMS messages will no longer be provided for free.
We just couldn't keep them for free anymore due to high number of machines operated around the world (around 8000 sms this Septemeber).
Some of the customers had high number of notification rules resulting in sending almost 4 sms with each bitcoin transaction.

You have two options:
1. Create your own account on and set api keys on your organization on backend.
2. Obtain GB API key from GENERAL BYTES and we will invoice you on the end of the month with BTC. Price will be same as with twillio.
Please obtain API key before upgrading:
From this release on you will have to pay to GENERAL BYTES for SMSes that are generated by your server/terminal.

To have SMS functionality working please obtain API key from general bytes by sending email to support at containing:
1. Your Company name
2. Your name
3. First 5 letters of your license key
Invoices for SMSes will be sent to you every month and will be payable with BTC.

New Features:
Server: Added support for Geth ETH wallet
Server: Added ability to automatically obtain and store into identity information about the owner of cell phone number used for transaction
This feature works only for US and Canada cell phone numbers and it is charged service (0.13 USD/check). You need GB API KEY for this feature.
BATMThree Plus series: Terminal can now issue, dispense and accept NFC cards.
Terminal and Server: Added support for CHF currency.
Server: Don't stop server if unused fiat currency exchange rate is not available.
Server: Rewritten database connection pooling for master service
Server: exchnage now supports also LTC, ETH and new API version.
Server: Now it is possible to see total amount transacted by the identity
Server: It is possible to hide all warnings by clicking on the screen next to them.
Bug Fixes:
BATM3 and RCKit: Please wait after scanning id card was too small.
BATM3 and RCKit: Don't count into cash limits sales requests that are expired.
Terminal: Removed infinity loop during the submission of customer registration data
Server: Help icons were not displayed

Version 20160923:

BATM2: Cash limit exceeded is now written with bigger letters.
Bug Fixes:
Server: Fixed new server installation bug. It was impossible to create new organization due to error in list of countries
Version 20160905:
Server: Removed trailing zeros (.0000000 ) in CSV exports.
Server: Terminal profit is now also duplicated when duplicating terminals.
Terminal: Terminal's configuration is now saved on terminal's partition only when contains changes
Bug Fixes:
Server: Exporting all terminal transactions to CSV was broken in 20160902. Exporting separate terminals worked.
Server: Fixed publishing terminal status. It was broken in 20160902.
Terminal: Timezone was set on every machine's reconnection. Now it is saved only when is different from current.
Version 20160902:
New Features:
Server: Added support for having cash limit per bitcoin/altcoin destination address. To avoid structuring.
Server: Added ability to send a test SMS in notifications.
Server: Exchange order ids, and wallet txids are stored in database and exported in CSV
Server: Added filtering terminals by organization
Terminal: New hw tester 4.0 for faster reflashing(reactivation)
Server: Password fields are refactored to prevent browser auto-completion.
Server: Added support for helps to extensions
Terminal and Server: Removed support for Windows Phone.
Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed visual formatting on purchase/sell done/fail screen (sometimes currency was on next line or overlapping amount)
Terminal: Cancel button wasn't displayed during buy transaction when first banknote was rejected due to money limit
Server: Terminal unpair-terminal command didn't check for root permission
Server: Cash collection can be now exported as CSV
Server: Don't display old version warnings for POSes
Version 20160823:
New Features:
- Server and Terminal: Added support for KRW currency
- Server and Terminal: Added support for BGN currency
- Server: Added support for
- Server: Added possibility to turn off buy bitcoins option via buy exchange strategy -1
- Server: Terminal version is displayed in serial number to tooltip
- Server: Server warns operator if the server or terminal version is older than 2 months
- Server: Changed way of how terminal is moved between locations
- Server: Added support for Liberland state
- Server: Server also warns you if you have terminal online, you publish information to HQ but you don't publish location
- Server: wallet has now option(optional parameter) to specify miners fee (low, medium or high). low is now new default.
- Server: Added Coinmate order book caching to avoid IP to be banned.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Terminal settings were not saved when terminal had more than one terminal deployment. Broken since 20160822.
- Server: didn't work BPUB-85
- Terminal: Fixed japan letter N (kana) in font
Version 20160810:
New Features:
- Server: Added support for exchange
- BATM3: Added support for writing to NFC cards.
- Server: When xpub QR code is scanned on the machine the address is automatically calculated(BIP32 or BIP44 is detected).
- Terminal: When private key QR code is scanned on the machine the address is automatically calculated.
- Server: Added CZK market to Coinmate exchange.
Bug Fixes:
- BATM3: Bill acceptor was incorrectly detected as bill recycler. Broken since 20160727.
- BATM3/RCKit: Invalid denominations were displayed in configure cash dispenser when no information was set on server.
Version 20160804:
New Features:
- Server: Added support for ILS cash currency
- Server: Added support for COP cash currency
- Server: Added export of transactions with identity data (and phonenumber used)
- Terminal: Added support for Korean language
- Terminal: Updated Japanese language
- Terminal: Updated Chinese language
- Terminal: Show different language flags(CO,MX,SP) for spanish language based on cash currency (COP,USD,MXN,EUR)
- Server: Don't buy bitcoins with added miner's fee
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Viewing rejected identity thrown error
- Server: It wasn't possible to reject unregistered identities
- Server: It is possible now to change cash currency of a terminal without need of creating a new one.
- Server: Fixed HQ publishing terminal online fix
- Server: Limits are now calculated only from transactions that has same cash currency of the terminal.
- Server: Don't allow to set empty shared secret hash and display meaningful message.
Version 20160727:
New Features:
- Terminal: When terminal displays error on the screen it can also display image of where else to buy bitcoins? You can for instance place into skin map of alternative locations.
- BATM3: Terminal can now read RFID bitcoin cards
- BATM3: Added support for printer with higher paper capacity
- BATM3: Added support for 2 cameras (one for selfie and one for qrcode/document scanning)
- Server: Notification is generated when balance is cleared.
- Server: Server warns you if you have terminal online but you don't publish information to HQ.
- Server: Phonenumber used in transaction is now present in export
- Server: Added templates for SMS and Email receipts.
- Terminal: When customer inserts cash and leaves machine button buy bitcoins will be pressed after 15 mins of inactivity automatically.
- Documentation: BPUB-62 describes how to install BATM server on ubuntu server 16.04 information also added into youtube video.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Don't report cash high with every inserted banknote. Report it just once.
- Server: Context menu on terminals wasn't fully shown
- Server: Transaction error code is now reported via notification in text form
- Server: didn't display transactions generated by
- Server: now displays time also on unconfirmed transactions in wallet.
- Terminal: ATM didn't go into screen saver when it was started with error (Internet error for example)
- BATM3/RCKit: Only same fiat currency of bill dispenser can be set as is on the server.
- BATM3/RCKit: Button SELL BITCOINS wasn't hiding when there was not cash for dispensing available.
- POS: Fixed POS Category navigation issues.
Version 20160623:
New Features:
- Server: Added possibility to set bill dispenser banknote counts remotely
- Server: Added ability to duplicate terminals (create new terminal based on existing terminal's settings)
- Server: Added possibility to delete awaiting identity.
- Server: Display Identity's current transaction limits on identity detail page
- Server: Display Identity's list of transactions on identity detail page
- Server: now returns times based on chosen timezone
- Server: now displays time when transaction was seen at the blockchain
- Server: Profit can be now set up to 50%
- Terminal: Tip on POS is now chosen from 3 buttons. Same as regular POS has it.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Payments couldn't be manually forwarded when more than 1000 receiving addresses were generated
- Terminal: Higher DHCP retry count (99999) wasn't applied when current year was above 2015.
- Terminal: Don't set timezone on every re-connection
- Terminal: Internal storage was used twice per second to store internal information about banknotes and events (probably bricking the atm after some time)
- Terminal: Don't overload events with multiple same qr code scanned when checking wallet balance or redeem ticket.
- Terminal: Camera focus during selfie wasn't focused to infinity.
- BATM3/RCKit: Identity is not forgotten between sell and withdraw. It should be.
Version 20160610:
New Features:
- Extensions: Added initial support for Ethereum (we recomend to hold USD od Bitfinex and sell directly to customers from there - buy exchange strategy 1)
- Extensions: Bitstamp now supports also EUR market.
- Extensions: Bitfinex extension now supports also Ethereum and Litecoin.
- Extensions: Kraken extension now supports also Ethereum and Litecoin.
- Terminal/Server: Added support for SGD currency
- Server: List of POS orders on server is now pageable
- Server: Cryptocurrencies and cash currencies are now alpha-sorted in UI.
- Server: Rate Sources, Wallets and Exchanges are now alpha-sorted in UI.
- Extensions: Removed support for wallet - stopped support for v1 API and introduced incredibly stupid API v2.
- Extensions: Removed support for wallet - stopped service.
Bug Fixes:
- Terminal: BPUB-50 - Sometimes "buy bitcoins" button didn't appear on insert cash screen and just spinner was displayed.
- Server: Built-in POS didin't work since 20160526 - fixed now.
- POS: Miner's fee is higher when tip is added.
Version 20160526:
New features:
- Terminal: It is possible to buy bitcoins and receive private key by SMS
- POS: Articles can be now in categories
- POS: Added support for TIP amounts
- POS: Articles can now have their own bitcoin destination address
- Terminal: Color of all buttons is now customizable
- Extensions: Added StartCoin support.
- BATM3/RCKit: Progress circle is now displayed during choose amount in sell process
- BATM3/RCKit: Sell bitcoin button is now hidden automatically when machine has no cash inside.
- BATM2: Terminal can send receipts by email or SMS
- Terminal: Faster bill acceptor detection
- BATM3/RCKit: Display message when customer enters the sell screen but his limit is less than lowest available banknotes
- BATM3/RCKit: Display message when customer enters the sell screen but machine has now cash inside.
Bug Fixes:
- Terminal: When cash limit was reached it wasn't possible to press cancel button.
- BATM3/RCKit: Fixed typo in czech language for sending SMS
- BATM3/RCKit: Fixed check balance screen
- BATM3/RCKit: Fixed currency wrapping on sell done screen
- Server: Fixed not refreshing store items on server due to missing partner xml on remote website.
- Server: Fixed not working batm-manage send payment command
Version 20160405:
New Features:
- BATM3: Added support for MEI SC Advance bill acceptor - for models BATMThreeM and BATMThreeS.
- BATM1: Added support for MEI SC Advance bill acceptor - more currencies are now supported.
- Terminal: Added support for Help button on main screen which plays video (set in skins - max video size is 20MB)
- BATM3/RCKit: Added Camera preview when scanning QR codes.
- Terminal: Skins and Videos are now stored on separate partition than application
- Server: Display terminal balance on server also in terminal detail.
Bug Fixes:
- BATM3: Sometimes printer went mad during print cash boxes and print until you powered it off. It was caused by double-clicking print cash boxes button.
- BATM3: Fixed ANR message dialog after terminal start.
- Terminal: It was possible to press Cancel button during first banknote acceptance.
- Terminal: Sometimes terminal displayed old values on insert cash screen for short period of time
- Terminal: Typo in czech translation when transaction fails.
- Terminal: Typo in EN translation "Payment for this ticket is still on the way. Please come later."
- Server: Cash withdrawal didn't properly prioritize recycler.
- Server: Remote clear short counters didn't work since 20160317
Version 20160324:
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Cash withdrawal wasn't dispensing lowest count of banknotes by default since 20160317
Version 20160322:
New Features:
- BATM3: Added navigation buttons into the ATM UI
- Terminal/Server: Added support for Help video in skins (max video size is 20MB) - skins are not supported on terminal yet
- BATM3/RCKit: More than 99 banknotes can be now withdrawn (200 pcs now)
- BATM3/RCKit: POS now prints also receipt when payment is received.
- BATM3/RCKit: Take a photo button was moved on the bottom of the screen when taking selfie or scanning id.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Cash withdrawal doesn't work since 20160317
Version 20160317:
New Features:
- Server/Terminal: Local network information is displayed on server in terminal detail.
- Server/Terminal: Added cash collection support for armory service
- Terminal: Customer can enter his phonenumber when selling bitcoins anonymously receive SMS about sell progress.
- Server: Now it is possible to export/import multiple terminals into/from one XML file.
- Server: export/import now contains also timezone in XML file.
- Terminal: Improved RU translation and added RU translation for BATM3
Bug Fixes:
- BATM2: Fixed touchscreen is not sometimes responding to touches right after boot
- BATM2: Touchscreen performs "ghost touches" when nobody touches it
- Server: It was possible to create terminal with serial number ending with whitespaces.
- Server: Added Bitstamp amounts rounding. Bitstamp changed their API.
- Server: Machine is incorrectly checking if there is enough cash inside during cash withdrawal
Version 20160218:
New Features:
- Server: Added OFAC watchlist identity scan support.
- Extensions: Added support for adding watchlists via Extensions for identity scanning
- Terminal: Updated italian translation (sell part was missing)
- Server: Include Error code in notification when transaction fails.
Bug Fixes:
- Terminal: ID card scan wasn't sent to server when collected together with selfie.
- Terminal: Minor corrections in Romanian language.
Version 20160213:
New Features:
- Terminal/Server: Added support for making selfies during the customer enrollment.
- Terminal: Added possibility to specify different welcome message. For instance when you want to call bitcoin ATM - a bitcoin vending kiosk.
- RCKit: Added option Camera Setup which indicates where is camera located and how is used. Useful when camera is located on top.
Bug Fixes:
- Terminal: Some RO translation fixes.
- Terminal: Button CANCEL didn't work on Check Wallet Balance screen.
- Server: Terminal's cash dispenser algorithm selection wasn't getting saved.
Version 20160212:
- Terminal: Increased of DHCP retries on WiFi 9999 from 999.
- Terminal: Disabled Android option "Avoid poor WiFi connections"
Bug Fixes:
- Server: information provider was returning double of address balance.
- Server: RO language couldn't be set as default language
- Terminal: Fixed missing RON currency in dispenser configuration
Version 20160207:
New Features:
- Server: Added support for importing terminals from XML.
- Server: Imports and Exports are now compressed.
Version 20160206:
- RCKit/BATM3: Dispenser errors are now displayed in hex and with text error description.
Bug Fixes:
- RCKit/BATM3: Dispenser cashbox holding number of rejected banknotes was incorrectly increased.
- Server: Bitcoind RPC wallet SSL connection now accepts also self-signed certificates without Common Name.
- Server: Fixed exporting of terminals.
Version 20160204:
New Features:
- Terminal/Server: Added support for RON currency
- Terminal: Added RO language support.
- BATM3: Banknote jams are now properly presented to customer and also logged on the server.
- BATM3: In some cases of machine power downs during acceptance/dispension banknote history record wasn't created on server. Cashboxes contains was correct.
Bug Fixes:
- BATM3/RCKit: Fixed C in mBTC. It was displayed on next line on buy and sell done screens
Version 20160202:
New Features:
- Server: Added support for exporting terminal configuration. Needed for better migration of terminals between servers.
- Server: Added support for wallet (private key only is needed and it stays on server).
- Server: is now used also for faster checking of tx height
- Server: Terminal's profit can be now set in 0.1% increments.
- Server: Sell offer expiration can be now set in 5 min increments.
rd wasn't created on server. Cashboxes contains was correct.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Cryptocurrency settings were not displayed when creating terminal.
- Server: Removed wallet completely
- Server: Transactions with invalidated ticket are now shown as not withdrawn in server UI
- QuadrigaCX: Fixed new SSL certificate ciphersuite mismatch by whitelisting only TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256 and enabling TLSv1.2
Version 20160111:
New Features:
- Server: Customers are informed by SMS and e-mail about their BTC sell process progress (they are for instance notified when they can withdraw cash).
- Server: Added ability to test terminal's crypto configuration settings from server.
- Server: Added possibility to reboot terminal remotely.
- Server: Added possibility to clear terminal's balance from server.
- Server: Added possibility to clear short counters from server.
- Server: Added possibility to prioritize banknotes in recycler during cash withdrawals leading to less often refilling of dispenser cassettes.
- BATM3: Paper is now fully cut by printer (previously it was just partially cut - resulting in situation where customers were pulling paper from the printer).
- Server: Payment addresses are not recycled any more.
- Server: Terminal configuration change is reflected on terminal without need of reconnecting it.
- Server: wallet renamed to
- Server: Improved default sell ticket (added instructions for customers)
Bug Fixes:
- Server: ratesource was not correctly labeled in terminal configuration
- Server: Removed dependency of Read-Only wallet on services which are no longer available.
Version 20151213:
New Features:
- Server: Added support for read-only bitcoin hot wallet - becomes handy when your exchange has autosell address
- Server: Shorter notification messages for BUY, SELL and WITHDRAW.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Fixed browser invalid autocomplete performance resulting in inserting invalid values into fields.
Version 20151211:
- Terminal: Updated list of supported WiFi chips mac addresses
Bug Fixes:
- Terminal: Fixed Czech translation.
Version 20151127:
New Features:
- Server: Added atm price ticker widget which you can put on your pages. (see help in webconsole)
- Server: Added support for exchange - thanks to
- Extensions: Added tester module for faster development and testing of newly integrated exchanges.
- Server/Terminal: Added support for AED currency
- Server/Terminal: Added support for KZT currency
- RCKit: To enter cashboxes menu, stacker doesn't need to be inside of the machine any more.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Prohibited(Rejected) identities were able to purchase/sell bitcoins under unregistered level.
- Server: When was down wallet balances couldn't be checked (failover to didn't work).
- Server: Fixed DOGE rate source
- BATM3: After the recycler was "pre-loaded" with banknotes via admin it accepted only banknotes that are recycled. Machine restart was needed.
Version 20151018:
- Server: Server now checks transactions and blocks on both and
- Server: Bitcoin addresses links are now opened in new browser tab/window
- Server: Added warning to the side bar if master service is not running
Version 20151016:
New Features:
- Server: Added ability to invalidate redeem ticket on sell type transaction.
- Server: Display terminal serial number on terminal page in page header.
- Server: action buttons moved to the top of terminal page - less scrolling.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Another fixed tx data info parsing.
- Server: Coinkite wallet support fixed to match new free plan API call rate restrictions (3 seconds delay between calls)
Version 20151013:
- Server: Added malleability attack resistance. Before some of the payments(sell, POS and Store) were not always forwarded to destination address.
- Server: Added url links for bitcoin addresses into web UI.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Fixed tx data info parsing.
Version 20151009:
- Server: is no longer used for checking address and block information. is now used.
- Server: Ability to mark sell transaction as withdrawn (in case the customer sent btc and lost ticket)
- Server: Increased idle timeout for communication with terminals. from 30secs to 60secs. Results in more reliable upgrade downloads.
Version 20150928:
New Features:
- Server: Added Skins and Sprites management
- BATM3/RCKit: Added ability to set own logo on ticket via skins
- Terminal: Added ability to set own logo on screensaver and welcome screen via skins
- RCKit: Turn on palmscan light indicator when scanning document/qr code
- API: Virtual API moved from port 7742 to 7743 (it was conflicting with other services)
Bug Fixes:
- Terminal: Fixed font's reversed question mark used in spanish language
- Server: Fixed identity search query when logged in as customer
- API: fixed crypto amount as optional parameter in buy and sell
Version 20150904:
New Features:
- Terminal: Added support for Japanese language
- BATM3/RCKit: Added bill dispenser support for XAF currency.
- BATM3/RCKit: Added bill dispenser auto-recovery from power loss during bill count.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Admin account wasn't created after first login. (bug introduced in 20150625)
- BATM2: Fixed spanish text breaking layout in "Enter destination address".
Version 20150821:
- BATM3: Enabled collection of recycler's full audit data for better investigation of banknote jams. Collected data are sent to server.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Acceptor version information wasn't saved on server.
- Server: Fixed banknote history export
Version 20150817:
New Features:
- Server: Added possibility to report cashbox contains to HQ
- Server: Added maintenance counters
- BATM3: Added support for preloading recycler with cash in adminstration
- BATM3: Added support for unloading recycler in administration
- BATM3/RCKit: Added support for printing cashboxes contains in administration on paper
- Server: Added Bitfinex sell functionality
- Server: Server will shutdown if the fiat currency pair wasn't updated for more than 24 hours.
Bug Fixes:
- BATM2: Fixed Buy process didn't work application was crashing (bug introduced in 20150807)
- BATM2: Fixed crash in POS when payment arrives
Version 20150807:
New Features:
- BATM3: No printer paper is now detected and reported to server as error.
- BATM3/RCKit: Added possibility to turn off paper wallet printing.
- BATM3/RCKit: Added possibility of optional printing of crypto buy receipt (saves paper on hi-traffic places).
- Terminal: Updated german translation.
Bug Fixes:
- Terminal: Fixed Server SSL certificate rejection when NTP service is not accessible.
- Server: Added workaround for incorrect recycler_drums cashboxtype
- Server: Rise notification event "cashbox value high" and "cashbox banknote count high" only for acceptor_cashbox
- Server: Coins were not sold on exchange when customer sent a little less.
- Server: Withdrawal notification now contains also id of related sell transaction
- Server: Fixed BlockIO wallet to use new apiv2.
- Server: Fixed exchange and ratesource (coinmate no longer supports USD, they switched to EUR).
Version 20150717:
New Features:
- BATM3: Added recycler cashboxes settings into administration
- Server: Added ability to have different rate source, wallet and exchange for buy and sell
- Server: Added support for Exchange
- Server: Added support for Exchange
- Server: Added buy exchange strategy 4.
- Server: Added support for identity approver role.
- BATM3/RCKit: Cashboxes dialog optimized for touch.
- BATM3: Added Recycler special cases (such as jamming) into the code base on the vendor tests.
- Server: List of cashboxes is now sorted in web admin.
- Terminal: Updated Spanish translations
- Terminal: Updated German translations
Bug Fixes:
- API: Fixed virtual terminal serial number validation.
- Server: Notification policy couldn't be created in Firefox.
- Server: It was impossible to create terminal with BTC currency scale 0.
- Server: Sell on exchange failed when the balance was 0 because sell task didn't account for tx fee(crypto amount was lower by the tx fee).
Version 20150625:
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Deleting default admin user crippled server. Now it is possible to delete it.
- Server: Fixed coinmate support (url changed from to
- Server: Added support for XAF currency.
- Server: Refactored cashbox handling
Version 20150614:
- NXT: Renamed parameter accountid to accountRS
Bug Fixes:
- POS: Fixed possible doublepayments with contactless cards
- API: API test page was not accessible on server.
- API: Fixed virtual terminal serial number validation.
Version 20150602:
New Features:
- API: Added support for creating and checking status of proof of existence.
- RCKit/BATM3: Added dispenser test into administration.
- POS/Server: Added support for vouchers.
- BATM2: Ethernet settings are now more user friendly.
- Server: Added support for negative profits.
- Server: Sending information about inserted cash took 2 seconds now it is 1 second.
- Server: Added 1Bn9..... address on blacklist.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Current anonymous transaction limit is now counted only for transactions where identity is not provided. Previously all transactions were summed (including registered customers)
- RCKit/BATM3: Dispenser CAD banknote setting changed to banknote thickness 100 micrometer.
- RCKit: Fixed lights not turning off (bill dispenser, printer and bill acceptor)
- API: API test page was not accessible on server.
- NXT: Fixed withdrawal from mynxt wallet. (removed trailing zeros)
Version 20150416:
- RCKit/BATM3: Improved banknote dispense error tolerance (1 thickness error stopped whole transaction, newly tolerate 10 thickness errors during transaction)
- Sever/POS: Article names on POS are now sorted based on default language of POS.
- Sever/POS: Article names on POS can have different colors.
- Sever/POS: Sorting order of Articles in menu on POS can be now altered by layout order.
- Server: Added support for logging trace level on JSON messages and Terminal calls.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Removing of existing notification rules didn't work in new UI.
- Server/POS: Invalid Payment Address field wasn't showed in administration when user wasn't Admin.
- Server/POS: Calendar Date from and Date To in Reports was not working correctly.
- Server: Proper CSS fonts were not loaded.
- Server: All transactions listing had incorrect paging.
- POS: Article name text on POS was sometimes too small.
- Terminal: Fixed typo in Czech translation (bankvek -> bankovek)
- Terminal: Communication with server is now synchronized on terminal side (nonce fails solved)
Version 20150415(Server) and 20150414(Terminal):
New Features:
- Server: Added support for Virtual Terminals - what is it good for will be announced later when feature leaves pilot.
- Server: Added JSON API for calling Virtual Terminals listening on TCP port 7742
- Documentation: New documentation of CAS JSON API
- Terminal: Terminal now sets his the timezone based on the timezone set at location specified on server.
- Server: Added helps in terminal settings
- Server: Admin pages load faster now(gzip+caching).
- Server: Blue chrome bar theme color is now blue
- Server: Disabled AML now hides AML settings.
- Server: CNB (Czech National Bank) Fiat Currency provider needs to be explicitly enabled(frs.cnb=true in, otherwise Yahoo Finance is used.
- POS: POS refunds can be optionally forwarded to invalid payments address.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: All Terminals Transactions page has now correct ordering (newest transactions on the top)
- Server: Fixed column names in articles report
- Server: Fixed layout on cashboxes page
- Server: Invalid sell payments (BTC payment arrived but amount doesn't match) are now marked as ERROR+INVALID PAYMENT.
Important Security Fixes:
- Server/Terminal: Increased protection against replay attack vector on Terminal to Server calls
Version 20150331:
New Features:
- Server: Added rate source
- Server: New UI design
- Server: BATM Server product renamed to Crypto Application Server
Bug Fixes:
- Server: All Terminals Transactions page is now pagable.
- POS: Fixed two NPE crashes
Version 20150326:
New Features:
- RCKit/BATM3: Bitcoin Store ported on RCKit and BATM3.
- Server: Added possibility to add note to existing transaction record and change transaction state.
- Server: Added support of exchange
- Server: POS: Added two new reports for POS
- Server: POS: Articles can be created on for each POS
- POS: Article menu is now downloaded from server
- POS: Added support for NFC cards
- Server: Added possibility to list all transactions of all terminals.
- Server: Clearing counters writes into event also cashboxes contains.
- Server: All currency values on pages are now aligned to right and trailing zeros are stripped out.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: SELL counters in "counters cleared" event didn't have correct name.
- Server: wallet was not working when password contained special characters such as % or !
- Server: POS: Items sold didn't have crypto price written in DB.
Version 20150316:
New Features:
- BATM1/2: New UI design. More modern look.
- RCKit/BATM3: Display how much time customer has to send bitcoins to ATM.
- Terminal: Ability to set default background colors.
- Server: CZK currency exchange rate is now downloaded from Czech National Bank
- Server: Disable other options if report to HQ is disabled.
Bug Fixes:
- BATM1/2: Fixed camera light didn't turn off after leaving the screens - bug introduced few builds back
Version 20150310:
New Features:
- Server: Added ability to whitelist terminal's IP address/mask.
- RCKit: Added more debug information about banknotes dispensed or dispensing errors.
- RCKit: Dispenser CAD banknote settings changed to support only polymer banknotes (91 micrometer thickness).
- RCKit: Increased number of banknote pick retries from 2 to 10 for dispensing banknotes.
- Terminal: Terminal IP address is now logged into master.log.
Bug Fixes:
- RCKit: Color of buttons wasn't changed after the exit from Administration (restart was needed).
- Server: Fixed 0E display problem on POS orders page.
Important Security Fixes:
- Server: New version of https server that serves terminals - CVE-2015-2080/JetLeak
Version 20150309:
New Features:
- RCKit: Added support for Altcoins
- Terminal and Server: Added support for NXT altcoin.
- Server: Added support for payment processor.
- Server: Sell offer expiration time now can be set on server. It is duration in which transaction from customer must be seen on bitcoin network. Otherwise the sell transaction timeouts.
- Server: Possibility to set "Invalid Payments Address" where sell transactions with invalid amount or received after timeout will be forwarded to (if not set = payment will be send back to sender)
- Server: Added new notification when invalid(late or wrong amount) payment is received/forwarded.
- RCKit: Removed BTC symbol from top left corner.
Bug Fixes:
- RCKit: On Privacy notice, list of things that will be collected wasn't always readable based on background color.
- RCKit: Screen for collecting email with Fingerprint AML didn't have proper layout.
Version 20150306:
New Features:
- RCKit: Added support for changing color of buttons on main screen in administration on terminal
- Terminal: Added ability to set custom camera focus length in administration
- Terminal: Added sending hw information about terminal on server (such as bill validator fw version)
- Server: Added displaying version and serial number of bill validator on server
- Terminal: USA flag is displayed for english language when USD currency is set.
- Terminal: CANADA flag is displayed for english language when CAD currency is set.
- RCKit: Exchange rate has now always same color as background
- Server: Bitstamp ratesource now also uses order book for exchange rate in depth of 10 BTC
Bug Fixes:
- RCKit: Camera focus was not set correctly (Logitech camera was remembering wrong focus length even after was disconnect)
- Server: After certain amount of time server stopped downloading new blocks from blockchain. Checking of number of confirmations is now performed with api
Version 20150304:
New Features:
- Server: Added notification on Cashbox banknote counts (Low and High)
- Server: Added showing total number of banknotes in cashbox.
- Server: Added more debug log information for troubleshooting bitcoin network related issues.
- RCKit: Terminal can now dispense more than 100 banknotes. Banknotes are dispensed sequentially by batches of 100 banknotes.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Exchange rate from Cointrader was incorrectly calculated from highest buy/bid side instead of lowest ask sell side
- Server: Exchange rate from Cointrader was refactored to compute the sell/buy price from orderbook.
- Server: Cash Low event was incorrectly reported.
- Server: Fixed typo in default sell ticket template: DON'T LOOSE => DON'T LOSE
- Server: Fixed unnecessary AML requirement during withdrawal when maximum anonymous amount is about to be withdrawn.
Version 20150227:
New Features:
- RCKit: Added support for optional fingerprint reader
- Server: Added descriptions to cash limits
- Terminal: QR codes are now bigger on the paper.
- Terminal: Acceptor communication time-outing refactored to use uptime instead of current time (current time changes during boot time)
- RCKit: Added default text to paper wallet: "keep this QR code private!"
- RCKit: Keys on keypad for entering phone and OTP are regrouped a little for better usability.
- RCKit: Added jump to scan address screen right after printing wallet.
- RCKit: Improved spacing on done/error screens.
- Terminal: Frequency of sending information about inserted banknotes was shortened from 5sec to 2 seconds.
Bug Fixes:
- RCKit: Fixed icon centering issue on transaction done+failed screens that was introduced in 20150223.
- Terminal: Button "Buy bitcoins" is hidden until all information about inserted banknotes reach the server.
Version 20150223:
New Features:
- Platform: Added partial support for BATM3 model
- Terminal: Refactored MEI acceptor code to support also MEI recycler
- Terminal: Instructions on sell BTC screen are now more descriptive.
Bug Fixes:
- Terminal: Fixed BIP21 compatibility issue of QR code on redeem ticket (bitcoin://).
- Terminal: Fixed MEI acceptor communication code to support firmwares with multiple fiat currencies.
Version 20150216:
New Features:
- Server: Added new batm-manage command to send btc payments.
- Server: Added searching in identities
- Documentation: Installation manual was updated with following chapters: Best Practices, Counters and AML/KYC.
- Server: Added link for jumping from transaction to identity.
- Server: Added link for jumping from transaction to related transaction (from withdrawal to sell).
- Server: Added displaying also identities in not registered state. (used just SMS/fingerprint and not id card)
- Server: Added more logging into Cointrader exchange support.
- Server: Added more time (2 minutes) between confirmation reached and sell on exchange attempt. Cointrader had issues.
- Server: Custom message can be entered before sending registration acceptance or rejection.
- POS and Server: POS can now send list of items that are linked to payment order.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Identities were not recorded to transactions when SMS AML was used. Fingerprint AML was ok.
- Server: Fixed not showing sell counters in terminals list.
- Server: Sell BTC OUT,IN and ERROR counters were not increasing.
Version 20150212:
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Fixed not showing correctly name of event SCREEN SCAN REDEEM TICKET ENTERED in admin
- Server: In AML phone scenario customers which just provided phone number were considered as registered after their first purchase/sell.
- Server: Fixed one AML scenario when two identities could exist with same phone number.
- Server: Identities with fingerprints which were registered and later rejected were still considered as registered.
Version 20150211:
New Features:
- Server: Added support for GB POS
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Fixed Cointrader exchnage - deserialization after obfuscation.
- Server: Fixed missing POS administration in menu in mobile web.
- Server: Fixed Bitstamp sell function to send orders with only 8 decimal places.
Version 20150209:
New Features:
- Server: Added support for Wallet
- Server: Added support for Wallet (private key always resides on ATM server)
- Server: Location has timezone now. This enables storing terminal events,transactions and banknote history time with correct local time. (Not always terminal and server are in same timezone)
- Server: When exchange strategy 2 or 3 is used increase cryptoamount purchased by miner's fee(0.0001) to prevent hot wallet balance decreasing by miner's fee with each transaction.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Terminal serial number was missing in email body.
Version 20150206:
Bug Fixes:
- RCKit: Fixed disappearing button "buy bitcoins" when "transaction limit is reached".
- Terminal: Fixed crash during transaction preparing stage (between qrcode scan and insert cash screens) during server disconnect.
- Terminal: Fixed not reporting returning banknote event
Version 20150205:
New Features:
- Terminal: Ability to set minimum cash amount for buy transaction (first banknote denomination)
- Server: Indicate in buy transactions that coins were withdrawn from exchange
- RCKit: Changed order of keys in paper wallet template. First print private and then public key.
Bug Fixes:
- RCKit: Camera focus changed to match new camera holder during id card scan.
- Server: Wait 1 minute between transaction seen with desired number of confirmations in blockchain and sell on exchange
- Terminal: Fixed application crash when server disconnect happens during crypto amount calculation on cash insertion screen
Version 20150204:
New Features:
- Server: Added support for exchange.
Bug Fixes:
- Server: Transactions were not marked as purchased in buy crypto scenario.
- Server: Fixed result reporting in Cointrader exchange.
Version 20150202:
New Features:
- Server: Added support for exchange.
- Server: Show total value of cashbox in administration.
- Server: Added withdrawal strategy. Terminal can now deny withdrawals of sales made on different machines
- Server: Substates of Buy and Sell transactions are now displayed in transaction list (also with tooltip).
- Server: Banknotes are now displayed sorted by denomination in cashbox view in administration.
- Terminal: Banknotes refused by bill validator are now logged also into events (added also other acceptor debug messages).
Bug Fixes:
- Terminal: Fixed case when banknote is not counted when internet gets disconnected during banknote acceptance.
- Server: Cassette banknote count can be now set to 0.
- Server: Buy transactions were not properly marked as purchased.
Version 20150130:
- Server: Number of confirmations for withdrawal and sell can be set by user.
- Server: Withdrawal transactions now show to which sell transaction relate to.
Version 20150129:
New Features:
- RCKit: Added complete Sell and Withdraw functionality - Finally!
- Server: Added support for displaying cashbox contains
- Server: Added watchdog for blockchain headers download in Payment manager. Server is stopped completely if blockchain headers are not downloaded within 30 minutes.
- Server: Banknote history now contains also banknote direction and cashbox name
- Terminal: To access cash related functions in administration on terminal, stacker/cashbox must be out of terminal.
- Terminal: Error counter is now also displayed on terminal in administration
Bug Fixes:
- Terminal: Fixed screen saver timeouts (sometimes user was kicked sooner from screen to screen saver)
- Terminal: Fixed screen saver timeout during money insertion (when there is some banknote inserted, screen doesn't timeout now)
- RCKit: Disabling bitcoin email purchases disabled printing paper wallets instead
- Server: Fixed paging on transactions page
- Server: Fixed problem with admin adding terminal without preexisting location and notification policy.
- Server: Added even more logging into Bitfinex Exchange extension.
Important Security Fixes:
- Server: Fixed leaking database credentials in plaintext into admin-boot.log (Thanks to Nicolas from
Version 20150122:
New Features:
- Server: Added support for unpairing terminals in batm-manage (used when replacing cpu unit)
- Server: Added support for DKK currency
- Server: Added support for JPY currency
Bug Fixes:
- Server: batm-manage usage was printed when upgrading terminal.
- Server: Added more logging into Bitfinex Exchange extension.
Version 20150120:
Bug fixes:
- Terminal: Fingerprint reader didn't always initialize (added multiple retries).
- Terminal: Collecting Fingerprint was behaving incorrectly - always wanted to enroll the fingerprint (problem introducted in 20150108)
Version 20150119:
New Features:
- Server: Added export to CSV function for Transactions, Banknote History and Events
- Server: Bitfinex exchange now waits for purchase to finish up to 5 hours and performs withdrawal asynchronously.
Version 20150116:
New Feature:
- Terminal: Added support for Terms and Conditions on Terminal
- Server: Added notification when transaction cash limit is reached
- Server: Added enabling/disabling sending BTC via email
- Server: IP address of logged user is written into DB.
- Terminal: Removed text "Optionally you can track status of the transaction on our website" on transaction done screen
Bug fixes:
- RCKit: Fixed app crashes when purchasing BTC and exchange rate is 0.
- RCKit: Bill validator was accepting cash after terminal start.